What About the Women in White?

Why did the Democratic Congresswomen wear white at the State of the Union address? They said it was to commemorate the suffrage movement of the early 20th century and to show economic solidarity for women everywhere. I believe it goes much deeper than that attempting to whitewash shameful pursuits by dressing in the color of innocence. Let’s look at the duplicity of the pure white attire.

White has represented purity and virtue throughout history. In the Bible, white is the sacred color. At the transfiguration, Jesus’ clothes became dazzling white. Angels are described in the Bible as wearing white. In the Book of Revelation, the saints and the army of heaven are all dressed in white. Christians often dress in white for baptisms, confirmations, first communions, and weddings. Being dressed in white is a sign of new life, new beginnings, being born again, being redeemed.

Wearing white can also be an attempt to appear pure when it covers up what is not pure. The Bible warns us to watch out for wolves in sheep clothing–ravenous false prophets dressed in white. The Ku Klux Klan dressed in white to try to appear virtuous. Granted, the suffrage movement claimed white dress as their symbol, but today’s liberal feminists dressed in white represent a quest for power and self gratification more than a celebration of women’s rights.

Their white clothes could not hide their true hearts as they sat stone-faced while others stood in rousing support of the President’s call for laws prohibiting late-term abortions and post-delivery infanticide. The same posture followed the President’s vow that America will never be a Socialist country. Nancy Pelosi sat stoically through most of the speech modeling her white garb as she chewed on her cheek and fumbled a stack of cardboard.

The white dressers were apparently planning to avoid any standing in support of anything the President said. But, when he surprised them with comments on more women in Congress than ever and women doing better in their careers than ever, they looked at each other awkwardly, then stood and shared high-fives. They stood for themselves, but not for their country.

I thought the State of the Union address was one of the best I had ever heard with encouragement, hope, and inspiration. The down side was having to endure the sea of white in the chamber. I will be watching them closely for the next couple of years hanging on their every word and deed. I hope you will do the same. Nothing good for America will come from them.

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