Nine Words that Signal America’s Future

It won’t be the government, the economy, the military, education, or technology that will determine the future of America. It will be the acceptance or rejection of nine words from Psalm 33:12: “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.” All who love their country and are concerned about its present direction would do well to express this statement broadly and often as a proclamation of faith and patriotism.

Many of my blog posts have highlighted America’s beginning on a foundation of faith, its historical underpinning of God’s blessings, and how our move away from dependence on Him has compromised our present and future viability. This message needs to be loud and clear. However, I have realized that our activities and personal communication (including social media), while giving us a voice in connecting God and country, are limited to our circle of acquaintances. This circle is relatively small and doesn’t send the message to everyone in our workplace, shopping venues, parking lots, school, etc. I believe the time is short to advocate the turning of our nation back to the God of our forefathers and the God who made us the greatest nation in human history. We must urgently make our beliefs and values known beyond those closest to us.

One way to spread the message is by wearing it. People everywhere are wearing t-shirts with serious, humorous, and often obscene messages. Thankfully, many wear casual attire with Christian messages. Recently, I began thinking about what simple words could best be captured on a t-shirt that express God’s central message to America. My thoughts took me to Psalm 33:12. How could we free this promise of God from many unopened Bibles and put it on public display that could be worn anywhere? I searched for days, but found no such t-shirt message available. So, I found a source that could custom make anything on a t-shirt at a reasonable price. The result is pictured above.

I have expanded my blog website to include an e-store where I will begin offering unique items along the theme of God and country. One of the first items available is the t-shirt that I am having made just for my blog readers. It is attractive, comfortable, and made of high quality cotton material for long wear. I believe this t-shirt makes a statement tremendously important to the future of America.

Please click on “Store” on the menu bar above and order your t-shirt today! Then wear it proudly as a statement of your commitment to God and country.

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