Fascism in America?

Fascism is becoming a real threat to America. Webster defines it as, “A political philosophy, movement, or regime that stands for a centralized government, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.” President Reagan said 42 years ago, “If fascism ever comes to America…it will come in the name of liberalism.” Are we there?

In their frantic attempts to take down the Trump presidency, the leftest liberals are calling him a Fascist leader. That is a laughable diversion to distract the rest of us from their efforts to implement true Fascism. This movement has been slowly infecting America for over a half-century. However, something phenomenal is happening as the majority of our nation is awakening and beginning to applying radical treatment to our cultural cancer. Retaliation to this creeping Fascism has brought on a full-blown Fascist assault against the conservative return to liberty and moral tradition.

Immediately following the tragic shooting of our third-ranking Republican Congressman, Steve Scalise, we saw a brief Kumbaya period when everyone was pleading for toning down all the hateful speech and violent actions we had sunken into. I kept hearing that both conservatives and liberals must take an introspective look at their hearts. Both conservatives and liberals? Really?

It is the liberal entertainment media elites who are making jokes about assassinating the president, showing him beheaded, putting on theater performances that celebrate him getting stabbed, and suggesting in public concerts that another actor kill another president (a la Booth and Lincoln). It is the liberal politicians who are insisting on overlapping investigations costing hundreds of millions hoping to thwart the legitimate government until the next elections. Washington liberals are capturing every opportunity to demonize their conservative colleagues with visceral and vulgar accusations. There is no doubt that the insane violence we are witnessing almost every day in America is an outgrowth of these liberal actions. We are observing the definition and result of Fascism played out constantly.

Conservatives clearly stand for less government, fewer restrictive economic and social regulations, and freedom of the people–the polar opposite of Fascism. That is what made America the greatest nation in all of history. The recent decades of Fascist attack on American values are now being abruptly quashed by the resurrection of conservative ideals and passion. This has liberals in a state of uncontrolled panic.

As a career military officer, I use the word “war” very judiciously. But, I have to judge our present state of the Union as a cultural war. And, it is being aggressively instigated by the leftest liberals. As devastated as conservatives were by both elections of President Obama, I don’t remember any reactions that compared in the least to those being fostered today to delegitimize last year’s elections. I don’t remember rampant rebellion and violence from the right when Obama took office. Reagan was right. Fascism will come–no, is coming–in the name of liberalism.

The only viable and sensible response from conservatives is to hold true to our values, don’t get sucked down to the level of the opposition, and keep voting for wise and capable conservative candidates. We must keep our majority on the Hill, our president in the White House, and constitutional judges in the Supreme Court. With Republicans 4-0 in the recent out-of-cycle elections, it looks like the battle to cure this cultural cancer, Fascism, is still progressing. Let us recognize this enemy of America for what it is and fight the anarchy on the principles of the Constitution.

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