America’s Two-state Solution for Israel Is Wrong

Map of the “Two-state Solution” for Israel and Palestine

Since the inception of the State of Israel in 1948, the U.S. has advocated a separate state for Palestinians within the borders of the Jewish nation. I firmly believe our government is wrong on this issue. Creating a nation of Palestine within the nation of Israel shouldn’t happen, and it won’t happen. Let’s consider the reasons for this position.

Much, if not most, of the world today is screaming, “Free Palestinians,” as their response to the Israel-Hamas war. Hundreds of thousands of Americans are protesting what they perceive as Israel’s aggression against the people our own State Department officially labels as terrorists. Some try to decouple Hamas from the rest of the Palestinians. The truth is there is no such separation. Hamas is the controlling government of the Palestinians, and Palestinians have supported Hamas’s constant attacks on Israel for decades, and they applaud the October 7 massacre and hostage taking. Those legions of Americans who have surprisingly demonstrated their antisemitic bias either don’t understand history or are being overly influenced by pockets of ultra-liberal, anti-Israel hate groups.

Meanwhile, Presiden Biden continues to tout the Two-state Solution that has been our nation’s wrongful position for years. This position proposes that the Palestinians be given the sovereign right to their own land and government within the borders of Israel. The land would be roughly that which currently defines Palestinian settlements in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip (see map above). While Israel has allowed the Palestinians to reside in those areas and more-or-less govern themselves there, the land remains under the soverign jurisdiction of the nation of Israel.

The 1948 war between Israel and the Arab nations resulted in Israel’s firm claim to all the land within its borders. Most palestinians settled in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. During the Arab – Israeli War of 1967, Israel captured and occupied those two Palestinian settlements. Later, in exchange for peace with the Palestinians, Israel agreed again to allow them to live peacefully within the two territories. Then, the Palestinian territories were loosely organized under the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). They have never had a legimate government, and have never been recognized as a nation by the rest of the world.

With the Palestinians relegated to their two settlement territories, Israel maintained a tolerance for the arrangement. But the Palestinians were not satisfied and would not be until they controlled all of Israel. In the mid-1990’s the Palestinian Authority superceded the PLO as a quasi government of the Palestinians. This new leadership structure maintained the stated goal of gaining control of all of Israel’s land and expelling all Jews. The terrorist group, Hamas, had been conducting periodic strikes against Israel during the establishment of both the PLO and the Palestinian Authority and challenging both organizations. Hamas eventually gained control of the Palestinians and are currently calling the shots. Their stated objective is the complete anihilation of Israel.

So, does it appear in the slightest that Israel and the Palestinians could ever agree on being separate nations within Israel’s borders? Obviously not. Under such an arrangement, Palestinians would continue firing rockets into Israel but from a closer range. Israel would lose control of miles of its international borders. Palestinians have not and will not denounce theri objective of destroying Israel. Palestinians would build up a much greater military capability with no oversight from Israel. Israel’s enemy Arab nations could deploy their military forces into a nation of Palestine. Plus, the Palestinians are on record as being adamantly opposed to the Two-state Solution.

The bottom line is that it is ludicrous to think Israel or the Palestinians would ever accept the establishment of separate soverign states within Israel’s present borders. While President Biden keeps repeating the call for a Two-state Solution, and Secretary Blinken continues running around the Middle East trying to convince the Arabs and Jews to support the Palestinians having their own state and government, just understand it is all a political game that will never be won. The only valid solution is for Israel to have sovereignty over all of its rightful land with oversight and ultimate authority over all Palestinian occupants. That is Israel’s stated expectation after Hamas is defeated, and the U.S. should support them in that strategy.

The Little-known Truth About Israel

Photo: The aftermath of one of the many rocket attacks of the Israel-Hamas War.

For over two centuries, America has been the staunchest ally of Jews around the world. For over seven decades, we have supported the fledgling, relatively new nation of Israel, often in the face of global opposition. It was largely the influence of the Untied States that secured the UN vote to recognize the nation of Israel in 1949 after their declaration of independence the year prior. Soon afterward, most Palestinians, who were scattered throughout the nation, congregated in what became the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. The Palestinians eventually claimed those territories as their sovereign land within the new boundaries of Israel. However, the war of 1967, initiated by Arab nations, resulted in Israel’s rightful annexation of those areas while allowing the Palestinians to remain there. A 1993 agreement brokered by Washington after multiple skirmishes between Israel and the Palestinians established a separate “state” for the Palestinians on the West Bank of the Jordan River and the Gaza Strip (see map below) governed by the Palestinian Authority.


The Palestinians, still not satisfied with Israel’s existence, continued terrorist attacks, mostly by the militant groups, Hamas and Hezbollah, against the Israelis. In response, Israel rejected the separate states status and began settlements of Jewish families and businesses within the West Bank in the late 1990s. The reestablishment of the “two-state solution,” allowing the Palestinian Authority to govern the West Bank and Gaza, is supported by the Biden Administration. This is a wrongful position for America to pursue. Without control of the West Bank, Israel is indefensible. The just solution would be for the Palestinians to live peacefully within Israel’s borders recognizing the entire nation of Israel without challenging its sovereignty. Israel would be agreeable to that status. So far, the Palestinians, particularly their militants, Hamas and Hezbollah, have rejected anything short of total expulsion of the Jews.

This recent history cannot be separated from the more ancient history that futher legitimizes Israel’s right to its status as a nation. First, we need to understand that the right of the Jewish people to the land of Israel goes back about 4,000 years according to a divine mandate that overrides any ethnic or political consideration. Around 1800 BC, God began the process of establishing His chosen people through Abraham, promising him a specifically defined region of land in the Middle East (now Israel). The original boundaries of this “promised land” described in the Bible covered an area even larger than what is now recognized as Israel. Upon bestowing the land on Abraham and his future descendants forever, God included this statement, “I will bless those who bless you, and the one who curses you, I will curse.”

Through the centuries, the Jews have been driven from their land by their enemies multiple times only to return. The last time, they were ousted by Rome in 70 AD not to return as a nation until 1948, a move that had been prophesied in the Bible for centuries. Ezekiel relayed God’s promise, “For I will take you from the nations, gather you from all the lands and bring you into your own land.” Furthermore, through all of Jewish history, a remnant of their people has constantly lived in their God-given land, Israel. Israel is the oldest nation ever to maintain its identity, even when it was sometimes without borders. Jews do not occupy Palestinian land; Palestinians live in the land that has belonged to the Jews for almost four millennia. The Palestinians are not a nation. The history of many of them traces back to the Philistines of the Old Testament who were constant enemies of the Israelites. Other Palestinians are a hodgepodge of people from various Arab nations who have migrated over time to the land forcefully vacated by the Jews. Palestinians have never been recognized officially as a nation and have never had a legitimate government. There is no doubt that Israel has rightful claim to the territory within its borders and even more according to God’s promise. Therefore, since the Palestinians refuse to coexist peacefully within Israel, but rather repeatedly attack their host nation, Israel has every right to defend itself against this most recent savage attack by Hamas and finally expel this enemy from their land.

America has been blessed in wonderful and innumerable ways. I believe that one of the main reasons for our blessings is that we have always supported (blessed) Israel according to God’s Word. If we follow other nations, and even our internal antagonists, in criticizing this crucial ally, we place ourselves in grave jeopardy. Yet, a recent Gallop poll indicated that American Democrats favored Palestinians over Israelis, 49% to 38%. The same poll showed Republicans favored Israelis over Palestinians, 78% to 11%. These statistics are another factor for voters to consider in 2024.

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