“The Trump I Know” Documentary Film

The Trump I know Documentary Film

An insightful documentary film has just been released that reveals the true Donald Trump contrary to the constant misleading portrayals by his opposition. Personal testimonies from his closest staff and family tell a different story from the daily public barrage of criticisms by of the media. This is a must-see for all Americans.

The 97-minute film is very professionally done by Christian producer Joe Knopp (I Can Only Imagine and Unplanned). It features many of the women who comprise the president’s staff including his 2020 campaign manager and his press secretary. This inner circle describes a president who is passionate about America and its citizens. He is consumed by opposing all that would threaten the nation’s future. But he is equally and deeply interested in the lives of each individual who works hard to support the objectives of his administration.

The movie includes flashbacks to the president’s earlier life, personal highlights of his first term, and his private interview with producer Knopp. However, the central theme is the experiences of several key staff women and female family members who are on a “Women for Trump” tour sharing their personal stories about the Trump they know.

The viewer also gets a unique perspective of the dependence on faith that permeates the White House and campaign staff. Knopp interviews the woman President Trump asked to be his spiritual counselor and advisor. This dialogue reveals a side of the president that few people are aware of. Several others share how they believe their work is God’s calling on their lives.

Almost everyone who watches this film will be moved by its truthful portrayal of the president in stark contrast to what the mainstream media and the Democratic leadership present. I just wish every American would make the effort to see it. You may view the trailer at https://thetrumpiknow.com.

Please consider purchasing your own copy of the film by online download or DVD. Both options are available at https://thetrumpiknow.com. The cost is minimal, and the experience is priceless. Get an extra copy or two for friends and relatives.

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Don’t Miss the Movie, “Unplanned”


The movie, Unplanned, opens in theaters this Friday, March 29th. As many of you know, it is a true story that boldly confronts every viewer with the raw realities of abortion. It is a rallying point for staunch pro-lifers and a call to action for those on the fence who have never taken up the mantel against abortion. If you’re not a movie goer, be one for this.

The movie is about Abby Johnson who had aborted two babies and was passionate about helping other women through the abortion process. She became the youngest Planned Parenthood clinic director in the nation and oversaw 22,000 abortions. She lobbied for legislation fostering women’s right to choose, the cause she so deeply believed in. Then, one day as she was assisting in an abortion of a 13-week-old baby, she surprisingly became overwhelmed with guilt and walked out. Since leaving, she has convinced nearly 500 former abortion workers, including seven doctors, to leave the abortion industry. She joined her former enemies at “40 Days for Life” and has become one of the most ardent pro-life speakers in America.

Abby Johnson is played by Ashley Bratcher (War Room). Other prominent stars include Robia Scott (CSI), Emma Elle Roberts (Hunger Games), Kaiser Johnson (Sleepy Hollow), and Jared Lotz (Thanksgiving). After Ashley Bratcher began filming the movie, her mother confessed to her that she almost aborted Ashley, deciding against it after she was already in the clinic prepped for the abortion. “I was shocked,” Bratcher said. “But, that means I was born for this role.”

The movie is written, produced, and directed by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman (God’s Not Dead, God’s Not Dead 2, Do You Believe) and produced by Daryl Lefever (I Can Only Imagine). With this star line-up and the successful producer and directer, I believe it will be an under-the-radar box office smash like I Can Only Imagine which caught the industry totally off guard. It will certainly cause many Americans to rethink their position on abortion.

A caution: it is rated R. It has no nudity, no foul language, no gratuitous sex, nothing that usually warrants the exclusion of children under 17 without parents. The Motion Picture Association of America, the rater of movies, claims the movie shows some “disturbing images.” Well, yeah. Abortions are definitely disturbing, so the rating actually advocates for pro-life. Motion picture industry conservatives (a rare find) have described the rating decision as purely political and seeking to scare away some in the Christian community.

Unplanned can be seen in many theaters. However, as expected, some theaters have chosen to not show it because of its controversial subject matter. These theaters will just stay with blatant sex, murder by the minute, incessant foul mouth, horror, and satanic obsession–you know, entertainment that has redeeming value. In my town of Hot Springs, Arkansas, Unplanned is not on the schedule in either of the two theaters. It is playing in Little Rock and other nearby cities. However, I have contacted one of the local theaters, Behind the Mall Cinema, and they said they could offer it on short notice if enough interest was shown. I urge anyone and everyone around Hot Springs to contact Behind the Mall Cinema (cinema8@cswnet.com) and tell them that, if they show it, you will come. Everyone whose favorite theater is not showing the movie should hold them accountable for making it a part of next weekend’s line up. This movie could literally save many lives. Please share this post.



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