(Dis)respect for Marriage Act

Same-sex wedding

The 2015 Supreme Court ruling that same-sex couples have the right to marry was wrong biblically, biologically, and morally. However, the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act” passed by the House last week and currently awaiting Senate vote would codify into federal law the national rejection of the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. When Congress passes a law, it is much more than a ruling from nine justices. It is a mandate and statement of position by the entire nation through elected legislators. Let’s consider why this is such a critical Senate vote.

With the rapidly approaching conservative tsunami election that will flood the House and likely the Senate with Republican majorities, the Democrats are unhinged in their desperate attempts to get their dangerous, radical agenda into law before they lose their majority. The reversal of Roe v. Wade has brought on irrational behavior and numerous melt-downs among liberal leaders. They are warning their leftist base that all of their gains in transforming American traditions and values may be reversed by conservatives. They are sounding the alarm that the SCOTUS might reverse the gay marriage ruling as well. Oh that their fears would come true, but it is not likely.

Unfortunately, some Republicans are taking the bait. The House majority vote last week for same-sex marriage included 47 Republicans who turned their backs on the party’s principles and platform. Now, ten Senators would have to shun the same values for the Act to pass with 60 votes. Four Senators, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Rob Portman, and Ron Johnson are already committed to vote for it. Based on recent interviews, three more, Roy Blunt, Joni Ernst, and Thom Tillis are possible “yes” votes. That is getting awfully close to the ten Republican votes needed by the 50 Democrats. Even if you are confident your Senators will oppose the Act, don’t take anything for granted. The pressure is on. In any case, this is not the time for truly conservative Senators to quietly vote “no.” Now is the time for vocal opposition and passionate influence from Republicans in the Upper Chamber.

Passage and presidential signature of this Act would be another giant step away from God’s provision and blessing on America. Man’s artificial laws that pervert His natural laws place all of us at great risk. Please take five minutes to call or email each of your Senators urging them to not only vote “no” on this Act but to also to be loud and clear in their opposition to it.

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