Still Reason to Celebrate America’s Birthday

This 4th of July has every reason to be a not-so-celebrative birthday of our nation. On her last birthday, we could not have imagined the regrettable state of the union on her next. However, as in the birthday of a loved one who is ill, we are not celebrating the present condition, but the birth and life that we love, respect, and remember.

This weekend, let us shift our focus from corona virus, rioting, the economy, and political division to the fundamental goodness of America. This birthday celebrates the founding of the greatest country in the history of mankind based on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We are still a people who value life more than any other society in the world despite the tragic abortions and homicides. We still enjoy freedoms almost to a fault despite quarantines and questionable government mandates. We continue to realize happiness in each other and quality of life found nowhere else despite the virus attacks and protests gone amok.

We can survive and thrive on this present journey through a deep dark valley because our forefathers crafted a miraculous declaration of independence followed by a near-perfect constitution 244 years ago. Moreover, because we have a pervasive faith in Almighty God that was the forerunner of our inception four centuries ago, we find the hope and courage to keep charging ahead. We draw strength from our Creator and a history of tenacity and endurance like no other country.

It is critical that we hold a tight grip on our traditional faith and values that guide us through our present troubles. Millions before us paid a high price in blood, sweat, and tears to keep the American dream alive. Any dilution of democratic principle, any acquiescence of liberty, begins a slippery slope toward America’s becoming inconsequential.

This weekend, celebrate not only our nation’s birthday, but also the generations that sacrificially built on that beginning to gift us the greatest country in the history of mankind. It’s future is now on us.

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