Worst Year in Decades Capped by Worst Election in History

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

At the end of this devastating year, the majority of Americans have apparently chosen bigger government, higher taxes, creeping socialism, waning economy, more abortion, iniquitous sexuality, weaker military, fewer freedoms, illegal immigration, unchecked lawlessness, and Kamala Harris as the likely future president. I believe most of those Americans ignored those consequences opting rather to demonstrate their displeasure with the president’s personal behavior. Here is my take on this unprecedented election.

First, let’s be real. I doubt that over ten percent of the voters really wanted Biden and Harris as their president and vice president. Hardly any enthusiasm could be detected in their lackluster campaign. Biden voters just hated Trump. Biden seems destined to become president only because he wasn’t Trump. So now, we have sent a message to the world that our great nation is plunging more deeply into socialism and immorality–because most voters hated the president’s personality.

However, in defense of the anti-Trump voters, their views were largely based on deception. They were formed mostly from an overwhelmingly biased news media and social media. American media, with few exceptions, have become a formidable arm of the Democratic Party. Most Americans have been victims of a constant daily diet of media bias, untruths, and censorship. Trump was grilled mercilessly by the mainstream media while Biden got hardly any challenging questions. I never saw one single positive news story on Trump outside of Fox News and Newsmax. Conversely, I never heard one negative report on Biden from the liberal media. The concept of balanced reporting from mainstream media went away years ago. This is a sad commentary on our nation.

Had Trump received even minimal consideration of his accomplishments from the House and the liberal media, he would have won this election handily. Instead, both the House and the biased media attacked him with the fake three-year Russia probe, baseless impeachment, legislative and policy rejection, constant harassment, and misrepresentation of his pandemic leadership. No president could hold up under that level of prejudice.

Then, on top of all of this, the election was an absolute sham. National pre-election-day polls that predicted double digit wins for Biden, ballots mailed out to all registered voters, days or weeks allowed to count the votes, legal observers not allowed to observe, batches of thousands of votes coming in last minute 100% for Biden, Trump votes found in trash cans, and voters accepted with no I.D. All of the irregularities favored Democrats, and all could have been easily avoided. Trump would have clearly won in a fair election. This was NOT a fair election.

I pray we will retain the Senate majority. Otherwise, I believe there would be no hope for our nation. The assumed new president and the House will make major strides in liberalizing and weakening America. But the very worst of their initiatives, the Green New Deal, socialized medical care, new states, and destruction of the electoral process will hopefully not see the light of day. If the Senate counterbalances the House, little will be accomplished for the people, but at least the House and the White House will be limited in their attempts to radicalize the country.

I can’t see what God is doing in the America with which He blessed us. We don’t even deserve His attention now considering what we have done with this greatest of all nations. Maybe He is humbling us to have to depend only on Him. We must embrace Proverbs 3:5-6 at this point: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.” Will we do that? Lord, please straighten the path of America.

Who Is Kamala Harris?

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris

Joe Biden has announced his selection for the potential 47th president. If Biden is elected in November, Kamala Harris will very likely be our president before he finishes his first term. His choice will certainly give her great advantage for becoming the Democratic nominee in 2024. Consider what we know about her.

Harris meets the minimum specification of being a black female, but she is not African American. Her father, Donald Harris, immigrated from Jamaica, and her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, immigrated from India. Neither was naturalized as a U.S. citizen. Harris, being born in Oakland, California, is a citizen by birth. She is 55. Her mother, a civil rights activist, died in 2009. Her father, also a civil rights activist, is a Stanford professor of Keynesian Economics, a socialist-leaning economic theory of big government spending to control the economy. Her sister, Maya Harris is a lawyer, MSNBC political commentator, and former Hillary Clinton policy advisor. So, Kamala’s family influences have been socialism, civil rights activism, and Hillary Clinton politics.

Harris is married to entertainment lawyer, Douglas Emhoff. He was previously married and has two young adult children. Kamala has no biological children.

Harris’s mother was of the Hindu faith. “Kamala” means “lotus” another name for a Hindu goddess. Her father appears to be of no particular religion. She married Emhoff, a practicing Jew, in a Jewish wedding ceremony officiated by her sister. Although she was raised on Hindu practices in the home, a family friend often took her to an African American protestant church. She claims to be Christian, but distances herself from evangelical Christian values.

Harris got her career start in 1994 when San Francisco mayor, Willie Brown, named her to the California Medical Assistance Commission. Her affair with Brown while he was married was acknowledged publicly by the mayor. The Los Angeles Times reported on her as, “Brown’s girlfriend.” Her elective office career began in 2004 when she became District Attorney of San Francisco. She went on to become California’s Attorney General in 2010 after an election fraught with scandal.

In 2016, Harris won the California U.S. Senate race to succeed outgoing Senator Barbara Boxer. She quickly gained a national profile as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee with emotionally-charged, pointed questioning of Jeff Sessions, William Barr, and Brett Kavanaugh. As a senator, she has taken positions supporting the following initiatives:

  • Abolish capital punishment
  • Eliminate mandatory minimum sentences
  • Eliminate private prisons
  • Mandate paper ballots
  • Subsidize renters and homeowners
  • Study reparations
  • Ban assault weapons
  • Allow few, if any, limits on abortions
  • Legalize marijuana
  • Scrap past pot convictions
  • Bring all troops home
  • Increase corporate taxes
  • Cut military funding
  • Stop border wall building
  • Implement universal healthcare

Watch Democrats try to paint her as a moderate, just as they have Biden. She will distance herself from the radical left in speeches and interviews. But don’t be fooled. She is a career California politician steeped in leftist dogma. As for integrity, she leaves a trail of scandal and corruption in the wake of her unbridled ambition. As for world view, she will pursue the redirection of America toward Socialism. As for political aspiration, this week begins her campaign for president in 2024 with her hope that it might come sooner.

I believe there is great likelihood that Biden, if elected, will not be able to complete his first term considering his age and cognitive issues. The scenario of his stepping down prematurely as President Kamala Harris moves into the Oval Office has some Democratic movers and shakers salivating.

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