“Coincidences” May Be Signaling Nationwide Revival

A host of recent events and trends points to a powerful spiritual transformation ready to sweep across our land. Viewed separately, these intimations might be considered coincidences, but collectively they appear to be orchestrated by God and a prologue to something epic in the near future.

All eyes are on the spontaneous revival at Asbury University. An almost identical phenomenon happened in 1970 on the same campus during a time of historic unrest and ungodliness in America. That event was a major catalyst to the “Jesus Movement” that spread from California across the country and lasted for over a decade. Is it a coincidence that God chose this same venue to do it again at such a low point in our culture?

Eight months ago, Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court. For 50 years, America had allowed over 50 million babies to be aborted under an essentially unrestricted highest federal court ruling. Is it a coincidence that this landmark reversal was a precursor–perhaps a prerequisite–to God’s calling our nation to repentance?

Just a few weeks ago, Damar Hamlin’s tragic injury on the football field brought all the players to their knees in public prayer for his life. Later, ESPN sports analyst, Dan Orlovsky, prayed for Damar on his national TV show. Is it a coincidence that sports teams that have disparaged public prayer for years are now praying openly and giving God glory in interviews?

Hollywood movies have declined sharply in recent months. Fewer film fans have been buying the filth and violence that passes for entertainment. Last year marked the worst year for Hollywood movies at the domestic box office since 1998. Meanwhile, wholesome, family movies, particularly faith-based, are all the buzz. Is it a coincidence that a plethora of well-produced Christian movies are now out-earning most of the big celebrity name releases?

The Chosen has become an icon in the television and box office industry. This series of Jesus’s life has received a 100% critic score and 99% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. It is now released in 180 countries. Is it a coincidence that one of the most popular shows to ever hit the TV and big screen is a relatively new and unique showcasing of Jesus?

While on the topic of the cinema, a highly anticipated blockbuster movie, Jesus Revolution, will launch in theaters everywhere on February 24. The storyline is the ’70s Jesus Movement. It is predicted to be one of 2023’s top movies. It has been in production for over a year. Is it a coincidence that for months this movie has been scheduled to release just days after unplanned revival broke out at Asbury?

COVID was the worst pandemic in American history. Such epochal diseases are referred to in the Bible as pestilence and were usually elements of God’s wrath on sinful, unrepentant populations. They served to both punish and get people’s attention. They often preceded a humble turning to God for forgiveness. Is it a coincidence that the devastating COVID epidemic in America came just before what may be a national movement back to the Creator?

How many more “coincidences” can you think of? I believe that, if America doesn’t recognize these as not “coincidences” at all but as orchestrated acts of God, we will not survive. Our One True God has perhaps given His chosen people of the 21st century one final opportunity to repent and return to Him. If we fail, we may very well write off this great experiment of our pursuit of happiness with liberty and justice for all.

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