My Generation of Debauchery

Democrat Socialist Leftists just being themselves

March is Women’s History Month with emphases on the importance and contributions of women. That is a worthy and celebrative way to honor women. International Women’s Day has been observed on March 8 since 1908. The U.S. State Department has presented the International Women of Courage Awards annually on this day since 2007. The 2023 awards went to several deserving women from around the world for various courageous acts. Only the Biden Administration had the gall to bestow this prestigious award on a biological male. Let’s consider just how asinine that was, and what it says about my generation of debauchery.

Of the eleven courage awards presented this month to women from other countries, ten highlighted bold actions defending women’s rights and condemning persecution of women throughout the world. Of course, the Biden White House couldn’t pass up the opportunity to find and showcase a biological male transgender who fit their Democrat Socialist Leftist agenda. First Lady Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken ceremoniously honored Alba Rueda from Argentina for her (his) perseverance and fight against those of her (his) country who opposed her (his) perversion. She (he) planted a kiss on the cheek of each of her (his) presenters, Biden and Blinken. What could be more of an offense to the real heroines of the world than to have one of them replaced by a biological man courtesy of the most influential nation in the world?

I am ashamed that the America I love and have served has sunken this low in one generation–my generation. In my early years, homosexuality was rightly considered a perversion. Those who practiced such decadence did so in secret while rejecting the vast majority understanding of biological and biblical truth. Somewhere along the way, gays and lesbians convinced the rest of us to acknowledge and tolerate their lifestyle. But that wasn’t enough. Eventually, we were supposed to accept sexual aberrance and gender dysphoria as normal for some and were castigated for having opposing views. Today, we are expected to celebrate such deviance and are castigated by the mainstream if we object. We are now awarding “heroes” for their abhorrent behavior. My generation let it happen with little pushback.

Our biggest failure in allowing the degeneration of sexuality was our ambivalence to the Democrat-Socialist-Leftist-led cultural change. President Clinton invited gays into the military with the “don’t ask; don’t tell” mandate. President Obama proclaimed support for openly gay members of the military, opposed the Defense of Marriage Act, elevated LGBT rights, and championed gay marriage. Remember the rainbow White House and rainbow flags atop our embassies? The liberal majority Supreme Court sanctioned same-sex marriage. President Biden and the Democrat congressional majority have been relentless in advancing LBGT rights and legislation including the codifying of same-sex marriage into law. Currently, Biden is fighting for transgender rights with a vengeance. Some of his top secretary-level “diversity” appointments like male-wife Buttigieg and transgender Levine make American politics an international laughing-stock.

My generation has elected Democrat presidents seven times. Five of those seven have elected or reelected solid Leftists with progressively radical agenda. None has been more wildly socialistic and dismissive of morality and biblical principles than our current occupant of the White House. We are in a cultural war for the moral high ground of America, and we are obviously losing. I take some comfort in the current spiritual revival movement we are seeing. Let’s pray for a phenomenal work of God that draws millions to Himself and shakes the souls of government leaders from the oval office to city councils. May my generation bring light to the dark world we have ignored before it’s too late.

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