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Jesus Among the Chosen

No doubt you have seen or at least heard of the TV series, The Chosen, created by American filmmaker Dallas Jenkins. It is unique as the first multi-season series about the life of Jesus and is the highest crowdfunded film of all time. I just finished watching the first season and am blown away. Let’s look as some inside skinny on this phenomenal series.

After watching the first season of The Chosen, you will never think of Jesus and the disciples the same as before. Jenkins’ objective was to portray Jesus through the eyes of those who were with him, not through our eyes 2000 years later. It’s hard for me to imagine the Christ laughing uncontrollably or dancing wildly at a wedding party. But, of course, He did things like that. He had almost all human characteristics, yet He was God.

This series is the most practical look at what God incarnate might have been like as you find yourself following Him through the highlights of His life. Although considerable liberty is taken by the screenwriters in the story, I never detected any contradiction to the truth of the gospel accounts in the Bible. The content is both plausible and authentic regarding the culture of first century Judea. There is nothing amateurish about this production. It rivals anything out of Hollywood in quality and professionalism. It is also convicting and thought-provoking for the viewer.

Entertainment critics are raving over the series. It received a 100% from Rotten Tomatoes–their perfect score–and 99% from audiences. It has been viewed over 50 million times in 180 countries. The film makers have a goal of The Chosen to be seen by over one billion people in every country in the world. Although its main purpose is not evangelism, it has every potential of drawing millions of people to Christ and Christianity. Seven seasons are planned which will cover the lives of the disciples after Jesus has departed.

The faith-based production company, VidAngel, along with executive producer, Derral Eves, developed very innovative funding methods for the project. Prospective crowdfunding investors were offered shares of ownership and profits from the company for their investment in the first eight-episode season. The second season is largely being funded by sale of first season DVDs at $30.00 each. I bought one and encourage my blog readers to “pay it forward” even if you have already seen it.

I believe God is using this popular high quality series to present the gospel to millions of ambivalent people who will sit up and take notice. For more on this amazing effort, go to You can purchase the first eight episodes there.

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