The Weak Biden Administration Invites War with Russia

President Biden speaking in Poland

The official American response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has been lackluster, chaotic, confusing, and ineffective. The Biden administration has been leading from behind and telegraphing weakness since the first signs of Russia’s military buildup on Ukraine’s borders. I have longed for any sign of boldness from my country and was ecstatic when President Biden called for regime change in Russia last Saturday. That balloon quickly burst when, in less than 24 hours, his handlers scrambled to walk back his remarks, thus reestablishing America’s role as virtually irrelevant in this world crisis. Let’s look at why this perception of U.S. weakness will eventually invite expanded war with Russia.

When it became obvious months ago that Putin was planning to invade his innocent neighboring country, America should have slapped excruciatingly painful sanctions on Russia rather than promise to do so “if” they invaded. We should not have officially assured Putin that no U.S. military would enter Ukraine. What a green light and relief that was for the monster dictator. The resources we have poured into Ukraine to better equip them for the fight have helped immensely in thwarting Putin’s intended scorched-earth rout of the country. However, those resources, more and sooner, would have likely ensured a Ukraine victory by now. The Biden administration’s reluctance to challenge Putin early on delayed the requested support until the invader had a far superior advantage. Putin is determined to reorder Europe to the borders of the former imperial Soviet Union. And America and NATO appear to be allowing him to take this major first step to that end.

This scenario has been played out before with disastrous results. In the 1930s, a despotic German dictator was aggressively plotting to return his nation to the glory and territory it lost in World War I. As a war-avoidance appeasement to Hitler, the western world, led by Great Britain’s prime minister Neville Chamberlain and accepted by our president, Franklin Roosevelt, agreed to let the dictator conquer parts of Czechoslovakia. That consolation from America and the other democratic nations fueled Hitler’s continued invasions into Poland and other eastern European countries. The weak initial responses to Hitler ultimately resulted in the U.S. and its European allies being forced into defending Europe in the protracted World War II. It also emboldened Japan to follow Hitler’s example in the Pacific. The tragedies of World War II could possibly have been avoided had America and the western European democracies stopped Hitler at his first incursion into Czechoslovakia.

At some point, Putin must be stopped. If he succeeds in Ukraine, it will only be a springboard for further encroachments into other European nations. It’s the dilemma of the 1930s. The free world can crush him now or face him in an all-out war involving many nations and possibly employing nuclear weapons.

So, yes, Mr. President, this man cannot remain in power! Have the guts to stand by your statement. Tell your handlers to back off. Lead the other NATO nations and the European Union to do whatever it takes to drive Putin’s army out of Ukraine. Sadly, flaunting our power for righteous good as the greatest nation in the world is little more than a dream anymore. America is only as strong as its leadership. And, presently, our leadership is weak and cowardly.

Dear Voter, It’s For Your Children and Grandchildren

Election for children and grandchildren

Elections are always overly focused on candidates and issues. But the consequences of elections have little to do with candidates and issues. Elections have everything to do with the direction of our nation and the shaping of our culture. Too often, we vote on today’s situations while disregarding the tomorrow our vote will create.

In this year’s presidential election, the vast majority of voters seem to be determined to vote based on their opinion of President Trump. Relatively few are really pumped about Biden, but many will vote for him just to get rid of Trump. Their vote is a referendum on Trump’s unpleasant personality, Covid-19 frustrations, and the current state of the economy. How tragic it is that so many voters will disregard the America that a Biden presidency will create for our children and grandchildren.

Regardless of one’s personal assessment of Trump, no one can deny that his pre-pandemic America was on a rocket launch trajectory. The booming economy was breaking all records, patriotism was returning, allies were stepping up to Trump’s demands for fairness, enemies were making concessions to his defense posturing, the nation was regaining its prominence, Constitutional freedoms were being reclaimed. Law and order were respected. In just three years, we had reconstructed a future for our children and grandchildren that would be even better than what we had enjoyed.

Regardless of one’s personal assessment of Biden, no one can deny that his post-pandemic America would be on a rocket reentry trajectory. The economy would weaken severely under Biden’s over-regulation of business, higher taxes, and the “Green New Deal.” His foreign policy would return to propping up wealthy allies and kowtowing to our enemies. Our military would be hamstrung again, and attacks on Constitutional freedoms would resurface. Law and order would be degraded.

The only checks to the radical socialist movement sweeping our nation have been President Trump and conservatives in Congress. If these checks were removed, we would be setting the table for a crippling culture inherited by our children and grandchildren. At an alarming rate, we are moving away from the traditional quality of life, growth opportunities, and freedoms we all have taken for granted. The exponential rate of movement toward Socialism in a four-year term led by Biden and the liberal Democrats would be devastating and probably irreversible. Is that really the America we want our children and grandchildren to credit us for?

Please take just a moment right now to imagine America as you would want it for your children and grandchildren. Then decide which candidates for the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives will lead America in that direction. Vote unselfishly for those candidates. Give little or no consideration for personalities or the current state of affairs which will ultimately be of little importance.

I will vote for an America even better than the America I enjoyed–for my children and grandchildren.

Please share this post with those you know who are struggling with this decision.

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