Why May 24 Is Arkansas’ Most Important Election Day

Arkansas Primary Election, May 24, 2022

Of Arkansas’ 1.7 million registered voters, only 20% of us (about 340,000) are expected to vote in the May 24th primary election. Over twice that number will likely vote in the November general election. This is upside-down logic! In this red state, the winners of the November general election will essentially be determined in the May primary. In every state and national position, the Republican winners of the Arkansas primary will be elected in November. So, waiting until November will be too late to ensure we elect aggressive candidates who will oppose the radicalism destroying America. If you’re only going to vote in one election, vote now rather than in November.

In primaries of many other states, it is a priority for Republicans to elect the best candidate to defeat the Democratic opponent in November. But in Arkansas’ political reality, the state primary will have already elected the winner in November. This gives us conservatives a distinct advantage. We don’t have to compromise by tailoring our candidates to the liberal opposition. We can elect those who will be most outspoken and passionate for the conservative platform. But success will require a record turnout of conservatives for this year’s primary.

In 2022, perhaps more than any previous year, it is incumbent on every Republican voter to vote in the primary election. We Arkansans have crucial decisions to make in the races for U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Senator, State Representative, and State Supreme Court Justice. All of these offices are critical in fighting the radical leftists and the degenerate woke culture of our state and nation.

Many battles are on the horizon regarding abortion, border security, the economy, COVID, education, voting rights, gender issues, racial issues, and more. Career and milquetoast politicians are NOT what Arkansans need for these battles.

Early voting is underway. Vote this week and avoid the crowds of May 24th. But, most importantly, vote in this primary election. Choose who will best represent your views and concerns. Send aggressive conservatives to Washington and Little Rock before our nation and state become unrecognizable.

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