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  1. Thank you for giving us a outlet for today is the day I feel like I am living in a upside down world and to find common sense somewhere is refreshing.

    1. I appreciate your comment, MaryLou. I hope you continue to visit my blog and find common sense in it. Also, consider my novel, “Daniel: Prophet at the King’s Command.”

  2. The Bible tells us to pray for our leaders. HOW am I to do that when I have such total disgust for their lies, deception & unwavering deception in everything??

    1. I know, Dalton, but Jesus told us to pray for our enemies, so I’m sure we need to pray for our dishonest leaders. I don’t have to agree with them or even like them to pray for them.

  3. I agree with your summary of the deplorable situation in our federal government. I have seen several statistics that Newsmax viewers are now more numerous than Fox which has leaned more to the left in recent months. It is heart breaking to see this nation disappearing before our very eyes. It’s difficult to determine truth from lies.
    The reasons for not taking the vaccine are numerous and legitimate particularly the thousands of extreme reactions from paralysis, clots, heart infections, Gillian Barre syndrome, paralysis, need for limb amputation after vaccination and more, not to mention sudden death. These are not simple local or temporary systemic reactions, but serious life threatening ones and they number in the tens of thousands. What will it look like in six months a year or two down the road? Does this not look like an effort to decrease population as many eugenicists have suggested?
    This vaccine is not a vaccine in the true meaning of the word, but rather gene therapy. Some statistics show that there are more deaths from vaccinated who become sick than those who have not had the vaccine. The Scottish Public Health reported 5522 deaths from those vaccinated within 28 days of receiving the jab which was higher than their rate of deaths from non vaccinated covid deaths during the same period. This is just one example.
    Now the government is advising additional boosters and the wearing of masks. Does this not suggest that the vaccine is not very effecttive? It certainly is not tested, especially re: long term reactions or effecltiveness.
    I see the government heading toward mandatory vaccination which goes against our Constitutional rights. We are being led by a sick man who is being used, sadly, by extreme leftist who advocate equity, socialism and even fascist and the removal of God as means to destroy America. Daily we become more controlled and led like sheep to the slaughter. Our only hope is prayer and God’s intervention!

    1. Yes, Gail. When it becomes mandatory for me is when I will probably practice civil disobedience even though I have already had the shots.

  4. Great commentary Terry. Sadly it’s all true. I believe that the CCP virus was released deliberately, is an act of war and it primarily was a way get rid of Trump. Plus I feel sure the 2020 election was riddled with fraudulent mail in ballots and Trump would still be president if it had been a fair election. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Bill. We are certainly living in times of great suspicion, of both internal and external influences. We must make corrections in 2022.

  5. The more I read this article the more I keep coming back to the question, what if the government could sell something? Now just read the logic of this question real quick. The government doesn’t sell anything, it only rearranges and disperses it. If the government had an entity that they could consistently sell bonds to on the sole condition that can’t be repaid until the economy gets better to a certain degree. The bond purchasing entity would probably have to be made up of a board of people of high moral fiber and character value. They would have to start the company or entity knowing that they weren’t going to get rich. They would be sacrificing profits now to ensure that their kids and neighbors’ kids and grandkids won’t be stuck paying for something that we tried to fix. If the government can assuredly sell bonds it won’t have to get the FED to print more money. If they don’t have to print the money our currency won’t devalue. Because the government will need to sell something of some value to pay for the bonds by proxy, the buying entity could develop a technology that would completely change the way we spend money and practically give it away to the public. This would have to be in an industry that people allocate money to on a regular basis like rent, or power and water. Let’s say the company or entity manufactured a technology that rendered how we use electricity obsolete. So much so that no one would ever have to pay for an electric bill ever again. The company could practically give this away to the public and the government could pass legislation for incentives to buy, like rebates and tax cuts. Considering what people have to pay on a monthly basis for water, electricity, and rent, imagine how money could be reallocated to other sectors that really need the money if let’s say, electricity, didn’t have to be paid. If electricity didn’t have to be paid for, the next stimulus check the government needed to send out could be used more on liquidity purchases and services. A lot of them. I understand that there would far reaching implications in the energy sector, i really believe that whatever we’re doing it’s not working. Not only are we paying for it, but we’re stacking the deck against our kids and our kid’s kids. It’s time we try something different.
    Do you think that any of this is theoretically possible, Terry?

    1. I appreciate your response to my post, Steven. I’m not sure I fully comprehend your theory. It seems to me what you are proposing is the government selling debt in the form of bonds, which is, in large measure, what they are doing already. You state the government needs to sell something. You are correct, the government doesn’t have anything to sell, because the government doesn’t produce anything but services. However, it does already sell its debt in the form of bonds. People and entities already buy government bonds as treasuries which, other than taxes, are its only form of income. Those bonds serve the purpose you are proposing which is delaying government payment until “things get better.” Backed by the government, these bonds are considered more secure, but with less return. and are preferred by those desiring conservative investments. Unfortunately, the government bond market can never sustain the runaway spending the nation is doing. As long as we are spending at the present rate, our children and grandchildren are destined to be sacked with paying for our luxuries.

  6. Terry, Can you help me understand how I can honestly pray for my leaders when all they seem to do is go against everything that is sacred, right & honorable?

  7. Dalton, I struggle with the same. But Jesus said in Matthew 5:44 to love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you. He was not telling us to be pacifists. He knew that the only way to change even our enemies was through His intervention. I can’t change Biden, Harris, Bernie Sanders, AOC, or any others trying to destroy America as we know it. But God can, and I pray that He does.

  8. I think this pretty much has it about right. Morals continue to go down hill 100 miles toward hell. Anyone who believes what the Bible says can see us heading that way. But non believers just think it is global warming. What do you think

    1. Mike, I think the Lord is giving us more warning signs than we deserve. He wants us to turn this nation around, but we will lose it on the course we are now traveling.

  9. Terry, glad you made me aware of this. It is a travesty. It won’t change till we speak our mind in unison. Great article. Thanks friend!

  10. How could thus have been so callously overlooked. Milley is not to big to fail! He should have been at a MINIMUM relieved of command. No accountability with the current administration.

  11. Anyone who runs a household and can see what is happening is better at economics than the Biden group of nuts

  12. Agree wholeheartedly Terry!
    Conservatives please make your voices heard. Together we CAN combat this agenda. The time for complacency has past! We need the house and senate. Please turn out and vote. Don’t assume your vote doesn’t count. It DOES. Exercise your right to vote.

  13. Well stated Terry! We have turned a blind eye to the past and most Americans don’t really care. Russia & China have been testing the waters for quite awhile. They have found weakness and empty rhetoric in our responses. It’s only a matter of timing till Ukraine is invaded and Taiwan as well. Our economic sanctions may hinder but it won’t be enough to offset their gains. Most Americans may simply shrugg this off not seeing the much larger implications. I too long for UNDIVIDED patriotism where where we could stand united. There was a brief moment of this after 91, however I’m afraid that has faded as well. It’s a sad society of what’s in it for me? Meanwhile China and Russia slowly wait for our crumble from within. Praying Christ followers will unite and take a stand. Isaiah 45:22 “Turn to me and be saved,all the ends of the earth! For I am God, and there is no other.
    Isaiah 55:6 “Seek the Lord while he may be found; call upon him while he is near ;”

  14. Amen Terry, we need to exercise our God given right to vote. United we can make a difference. Great article and interesting truths. Thanks!

  15. Thank you, Terry, for your continued thoughtful response to today’s current chaos. You have added a perspective that needs to be published more widely. I have sent it to my family and friends.

  16. I agree with your decision to not lower your flag, which I also agree, is requested just to appease Biden’s political agenda.

  17. A hate filled speech by a man full of hate. Reminded me of
    scenes with Hitler. Very frightening indeed. Proud to be a
    MAGA Republican!

  18. If you have a problem with Cannabis, then why aren’t you fighting to make the true gateway drug Alcohol illegal?

    1. Three points:
      * I would be okay with alcohol being illegal. However, since it is already legal, it would be practically impossible to make it illegal in our current culture. It is much more practical to prevent something harmful from becoming initially legal. Evil does not justify more evil.
      * Alcohol in moderation is not a major problem of the proportion that my post proves pot to be. Few marijuana users are moderate social users. Most use it to get high.
      * Alcohol is not the gateway to harder drugs that marijuana is. Medical science has proven that.

    1. I assume from your comment your dad has passed away. If so, please accept my condolences. If there is anything I can do for you at this time, please let me know. I admire and appreciate what you are doing for the National Monument of the Forefathers.

  19. Known as the “Arkansas Religious Freedom Amendment”
    It says it would prohibit Arkansas and local governments from burdening the practice of religion in Arkansas “unless the government shows there’s a compelling reason to do so and acts in the least restrictive way..”

    Here’s why:
    While the intent behind this is good, the way it’s written, it actually WEAKENS Religious Liberty by giving GOVERNMENT more power than our state constitution.

    Why did those religious liberty experts add the language “unless the government shows there’s a compelling reason to do so and acts in the least restrictive way.”??

    That gives the government the leeway to say this covid pandemic is a compelling reason to overpower individual religious beliefs and everyone should be required to take an experimental vaccine.”

    Who gets to define “compelling reason”
    and who gets to define what is and is not “least restrictive”

    According to Issue 3, The GOVERNMENT.

    Issue 3 says the government gets to decide when and if the government will recognize your religious liberty.

    No thanks.

    That kind of vague and arbitrary language is not something I could ever support in an amendment to our Constitution .


    Religious Liberty is a RIGHT that our government trampled during covid .
    That trampling is not because our state constitution was not strongly worded enough to stop it.

    Government succeeded because we the people allowed it and did not challenge it as boldly as we should have legally.

    The Arkansas Constitution already has a religious freedom provision and it is a STRONGER statement than the one in this proposal.

    The Arkansas Constitution proclaims the people have “a natural and indefeasible right to worship Almighty God according to the dictates of their own consciences ” and declares “No human authority can, in any case or manner whatsoever, control or interfere with the right of conscience.”

    Those are stronger MORE BOLD and CONCISE statements than the proposed change to the Arkansas Constitution, which would say it is okay for government to burden your practice of religion if it has a compelling reason and did it in the least restrictive way to accomplish its purposes.

    INSTEAD of protecting our religious freedoms from the courts, the wording gives government absolute power to determine what is “COMPELLING and LEAST RESTRICTIVE “ regarding our religious freedom.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Tim. The reference you cite is from the 1874 final Arkansas Constitution. Yes, our state Constitution Article 2, Section 24 states exactly what you highlighted. However, over the century-and-a-half since, the courts of the land including the Supreme Court have sided in numerous cases with the federal and state government when it was absolutely necessary for them to deny the claim of religious freedom for the good and safety of almost everyone. They were cases similar to the examples I presented in my post. As a result, the U.S. legislature in 1993 passed a bill, the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA), which recognized the essential government intervention for egregious acts in the name of religion. This RFRA passed unanimously in the House and 97-3 in the Senate preventing the government from substantially burdening religious freedom unless it is absolutely necessary to further a compelling government interest and then using the least restrictive means possible to further its compelling interest. This was necessary to prevent chaos from, again, examples in my post. The Issue 3 amendment is language by Christian conservatives in the state legislature to complement the federal law and in accordance with the supreme court by using the same strong language that upholds our religious liberty. The language of the 1874 Constitution did not take into consideration the myriad of ways people have abused their religious freedom with criminal acts. The Arkansas Religious Freedom Amendment is a good amendment supported by numerous credible Christian organizations after thorough research.

  20. Thanks, Terry, for this reminder. I sent my daughter to them in Georgia when her home had been hit by a tornado as I had heard they would also help. They didn’t directly help but connected her with the state folks she needed. While she was there a volunteer lady could see she needed more help. That lady has worked with her for over a year in trying to help my daughter with multiple needs. I can’t say enough good about them!

    1. Thanks for the response, Joel. I’m sorry to hear about your daughter’s misfortune, but glad to hear the the Salvation Army was there to help.

  21. Thanks for this excellent article Terry. Far too many companies have CEO’s with impressive credentials and little real experience. These people learn a lot in college but seem to have no common sense. Each new leader tries to leave his mark but leaves a mess.

  22. Joel, I appreciate your comment, and I respect you pastor friend, Missionary Jordan Standridge. However, I couldn’t disagree with him more. Should we really decry what God may be doing by questioning His method and venue? Standridge speaks of the universal church, then immediately criticizes the movement at Asbury because it is not happening in a local church with elder oversight and within his limited personal parameters. I am an elder in my local church, but sadly our churches haven’t been able to see the wildfires of revival in decades. Perhaps God is pivoting to another setting to bring about His will. And, are we to not give attention and support to a seemingly miraculous phenomenon because we need to wait some months or years to see its long-term results? Of course, God could bring revival to America and the world without any initial support, but I don’t believe that is the way He works.

    Mel Blackaby, of the incredible Experiencing God ministry recently posted this. “I have noticed a disturbing trend among some Evangelicals: skepticism of anything good if they are not a part of it. Whether it is a movement of revival in America or incredible reports of church planting overseas, people feel the need to give their critique or judgment on what God is doing. And they do so as if they are the expert and their approval or lack thereof actually matters. As for me, I celebrate the testimonies of God working in other believers. I rejoice over young people repenting and getting right with God. I pray for those involved to stay focused on the Lord and to not get derailed by outside voices. I love to hear the impossible, because we serve the God of the impossible. Instead of pouring cold water on it, I want to fan the flame.”

    I, too, have noticed the reluctance of many Christian leaders to support many movements that I consider God-ordained. I believe we have been seeing revival in many realms lately. The emphasis on prayer and testimonials in athletics, Hollywood movies caving to the surge in Jesus-centered movies, and the rising popularity of contemporary Christian music to name a few. I see the Asbury revival as another example of the stirring of the Spirit. I will watch for any signs of heretical teaching as I support it and pray for it, but I will not be skeptical just because it doesn’t go hand in glove with my non-essential doctrinal beliefs. Isaiah 43:19..

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