The So-called “Equality Bill”

Equality Act

While the news cycles of Covid, the winter storm, Governor Cuomo, and the stimulus package overwhelmed us, one of the most disastrous laws ever foisted on Christians and children just passed the House. The only hope of defeating what I believe is the worst affront to faith and family in American legislative history is now with the Senate.

The so-called “Equality Act,” or HR-5, was passed by the House on Thursday, February 25th, on a vote of 224 – 206 with three Republicans joining Democrats in voting “yes.”

This bill basically adds everyone claiming LGBTQ status to the established federal civil rights protections. This has huge repercussions for Christian churches, especially evangelical churches, Christian business men and women, and our children. Proponents argue that it simply ensures the same rights for LGBTQ that everyone else enjoys. In reality, it takes away the religious and privacy rights of millions of Americans and the innocence of millions of children.

The Act would provide federal protection for either gender that wishes to use the public restrooms of the opposite gender. It would allow biological men to compete in women’s sports and use women’s locker rooms and showers. Men who identify as women could take advantage of special accommodations for entrepreneurial women in business. Doctors and medical organizations (yes, even Christian hospitals and clinics) could no longer refuse to provide hormone treatments and surgical procedures for those with gender dysphoria including teenage children. All businesses, including Christian bookstores and para-church organizations, would be prohibited from refusing employment for LGBTQ applicants who are diametrically opposed to their religious beliefs. Federally funded schools could not teach or acknowledge many differences between the sexes. In summary, the Act would remove most distinctions between males and females.

I believe the most inequitable result of this Act would be it’s deleterious impact on religious freedoms. This Act expressly exempts itself from the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, the very basis for religious liberty law. In other words, religious liberty rights could not be used as a defense against the provisions of this Act.

It could designate churches as “public accommodations” no longer having the right to proclaim or practice anything contrary to government positions and mandates about sexual orientation and gender identity. Church employment could no longer be limited to those sharing the same beliefs as the church regarding sex and gender. Church memberships could not exclude those practicing LGBTQ lifestyles. Churches could be forced to accommodate LGBTQ wedding ceremonies and other events.

Religious colleges and universities could be denied government funding and accreditation if they refused to apply sexual orientation and gender identity to dorms, sports, restrooms, etc. They could not teach biblical principles of sexuality and gender.

This bill is anti-biblical, anti-Christian, anti-religious, anti-children, and anti-common-sense. It is everything BUT equitable. And, it is one of the highest priorities of President Biden’s first 100 days in office. It is one of the most significant debts the president owes to the radical left. This bill is a major plank in the Democratic platform in every aspect. It represents everything President Trump, like him or not, and the Senate majority protected us from for four years.

If you’re looking for the difference between Republicans and Democrats on the Hill, look no further than this example. In Thursday’s House Judiciary Committee debate just before the vote, Greg Steube, R-FL, quoted from Deuteronomy 22:5 the biblical truth that this bill was against God’s will, and that Congress was making America more vulnerable to God’s judgment. Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, D-NY, quickly chastised him publicly stating, “Mr. Steube, when any religious position is ascribed as God’s will, it is no concern of this Congress.”

Fellow Christians, this is the time to “put on the full armor of God” as described in Ephesians 6 and work against this vile bill as it moves to the Senate. Write AND call your Senator. Urge him or her to not only vote against it but to aggressively pursue its defeat among colleagues. Write President Biden insisting he stop caving to the radical left’s extreme agenda. If we fail to stem the flow of this raging counter-culture river now, we won’t recognize America in four years.

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Why Preordering a Book Is Advantageous

Daniel: Prophet at the King’s Command, a novel

Preordering a book in advance of release is an advantage for the reader, the writer, and the publisher. Let’s consider the benefits of ordering my novel, Daniel, Prophet at the King’s Command now rather than waiting for its release on March 30th.

First, you, the reader, will get the book sooner. It will be shipped on the day of release rather than after you get around to ordering it. You don’t have to remember the release date. You can be among the first to provide a helpful review of the book to the seller, since you got a head start in reading it. Your price is locked in. Furthermore, if the book would happen to be in short supply initially due to higher demand than expected, you would be first in line for distribution.

Second, preorders help me reach my objective. A greater number of preorders gets more attention from book sellers online and in stores influencing them to prioritize their marketing of the book. Other literary organizations like Goodreads, BookBub, etc. pay lots of attention to preorders in deciding which books to highlight in their recommendations. Newspapers and magazines with book sections watch preorders to determine which new books to list for subscribers. My main objective in writing my novel has always been to impact the lives of its readers to better understand God’s involvement in their lives including greater awareness of prophecy. Preordering ultimately gets this book in the hands of more readers.

Finally, the publisher obviously benefits from preorders that enhance overall sales. Preorders also increase their ability to forecast production. This ensures that there is not a shortage of popular books after release. Limited availability of a new book that readers need and want would be an unfortunate situation.

Therefore, I humbly ask you to grant me the favor of preordering my novel now in consideration of all of the above advantages to your convenience and the book’s success. I would be sincerely grateful. You can order now from these direct links to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Books-A-million.

The President’s Call for Unity Followed by Blatantly Divisive Actions

President Biden stacks the Trump reversals

At the end of President Biden’s inaugural speech, I posted that his call to unity would be proven sincere or hollow within a week. It took him only a matter of hours to alienate half the nation. Let’s review his immediate divisive actions and inactions.

  • The most blatant disunity action was actually the president’s inaction on the impeachment of Donald Trump. America is essentially split evenly on whether the former president should be impeached a second time. This impeachment is arguably bogus on its merits and its constitutionality. The most unifying move the president could have made to underscore his appeal for unity would have been too head off this debacle of a process. He could have easily picked up the phone and called Pelosi asking her to back off in deference to his need for a peaceful start to his presidency. He could still do this with Schumer.
  • Then he immediately began constructing his own wall–a two-foot high stack of executive orders overriding many of Trump’s conservative advancements. Most of these advancements were vital to our nation’s security and prosperity as well as supported passionately by, again, half of Americans.
  • He restricted immigration enforcement, removed limitations on asylum, stopped all deportations, added illegals to the census count, and shut down further building of the wall. Caravans with thousands of illegal immigrants immediately formed in Central America and began heading toward our boarder (deja-vu?). Border security that had finally become orderly and effective is now back in chaos, and American jobs are threatened again.
  • He halted the Keystone Pipeline abruptly ending thousands of jobs. That combined with his promise of major cutbacks in fracking will likely end American oil and gas independence. Watch gas prices soar.
  • He reentered the Paris Climate Accords recommitting America to more than our country’s share of environmental restrictions while giving China and other countries a pass. The U.S. already exceeds the requirements of the Accords without this commitment.
  • He reversed former President Trump’s ban on transgender recruits in the military. Former President Obama had cleared transgender persons to openly serve in our armed forces without restriction, but Trump canceled that order. Now, under President Biden, biological men will be allowed to identify as females, dress in female uniforms, and be housed with women. Likewise, biological women will dress as men and will live in male quarters. Biological males and females will be forced to shower together, especially on deployments, in wall-mounted showers with no dividers (typical in the military). Directives have been distributed to all U.S. military personnel that cooperation and respect will be demanded of everyone in this co-mingling of the genders. As a retired military officer, I find it extremely difficult to even write about this unfathomable situation.

These are just a few examples of the radical leftist agenda of this president’s first few days in office. To put this in perspective, his 30 executive orders and directives in his first three days without advice or debate compare to Trump’s and Obama’s first week with four and five such orders respectively. Unity? I haven’t seen it yet.

With this election, America has taken a deep dive into radical cancel-culture socialism with little regard for the Constitution. And I believe we have seen only the first hints of what is to come. The saddest part of this is that multi-millions of conservatives voted for our present condition. Their votes for Biden were not for him or his agenda. Their votes were simply against Trump because they didn’t like his personality and demeanor. I didn’t like that part of Trump either. But I loved what he did for America to keep us from where we are now going.

I voted with over 74 million others for a president who did more to better American lives than any other president in my lifetime. I just hope and pray that the anti-Trump conservatives will see what is happening now and at least build a conservative congressional majority firewall in 2022–if it’s not too late by then.

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