Gun Deaths in America: Facts vs. Hype

America has a growing criminal gun fatality problem. It is a critical conundrum we can’t continue to ignore. Neither can we continue to ignore the misleading and biased statistical data regarding criminal gun deaths. Liberals, including the mainstream media, consistently label all gun deaths as criminal gun deaths. You will probably be surprised at the relatively few criminal gun deaths compared to all gun deaths and other preventable deaths as I have researched and presented below.

You will often see and hear that America had 45,222 gun deaths in 2021. Every gun death is a tragedy and deserves our deepest sympathy and prayers for associated family and friends. However, we need to be aware of what that number includes. Of the total 2021 gun deaths, 24,292, or 54%, were suicides by guns. Shootings by law enforcement in the line of duty accounted for 611, or 1%, of the deaths. Accidental gun discharges caused 535, or 1%, of the deaths. And 400, or 1%, of the deaths were from undetermined causes. That leaves 19,384, or 43%, of the deaths caused by criminal activity. That 43% is horrific and a significant increase over prior years. But it is less than half of the total gun deaths.

These deaths by gun wielding criminals pale in comparison to the 107,622 people who died last year from drug overdoses. Yet, the silence accompanying these drug deaths compared to the uproar over criminal gun deaths is heartbreaking and inexcusable. Drug overdose deaths at over five times the number of criminal gun deaths should spur a huge outcry from our leaders for stronger drug control. Of those drug deaths, 71,238, or two-thirds, were Fentanyl related. The primary Fentanyl source is from free-flowing drug entry into the country through our wide-open southern boarder. Drug overdose deaths from Fentanyl alone would almost cease if President Biden would simply fix our open border atrocity. But, no, the left must continue to fan the flames of gun control while guaranteeing another 100,000-plus deaths from drugs this year. A real war on drugs would also reduce overall crime substantially.

There were 42,915 traffic fatalities last year–over twice the number killed by criminal gun activity. Maybe we need a national effort to lower our vehicle accident deaths more than a nation-wide frenzy to restrict guns.

According to a Johns Hopkins study, over 250,000 people die each year from preventable medical errors. Your doctor poses a 13-times greater risk to you than a criminal with a gun. A national campaign that reduced medical errors by just 10% would save many more lives than criminal gun violence kills.

Please don’t misinterpret me as being insensitive to or defending criminal gun deaths. They represent a national cultural failure that must be addressed. But we need to keep the problem in proper perspective. Let’s consider all aspects of the enigma including the nation’s social and moral decline along with our eroding family values. Our mental health priorities need to be reexamined. We must broaden the view of the problem and rank it fairly with the many other fatal societal weaknesses that need to be corrected. Then, we must proceed with caution being careful to tread very lightly on our precious constitutional rights and liberties that should never be compromised.

The Answer Is Clear

Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, TX

Violent crimes that were unthinkable a few years ago in America are now common and increasing sharply. The tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, is a repeating example of the out-of-control hate and evil consuming our nation. Mass shootings last year were double the number in 2017. Of the 164 mass shootings in the last 50 years, over half of them occurred since 2000. The 10 so far in 2022 put us on a track toward the highest number in history. All homicides are up 44% since 2019. Rapes have more than doubled in the last four years. Law enforcement, the federal government, and the medical profession are screaming for stricter laws, gun control, and mental health enhancements as answers to the crisis. But there is only one answer.

America frantically seeks reasons for the stark contrast of today’s acts of senseless violence compared to the relative peace and contentment of just a few decades ago. The present decadence is not reversible by more laws and law enforcement, tighter control of personal weapons, or new mental illness programs. Although these may contributors to a solution, they are only Band-Aids for the root cause. The reality is that we Americans have allowed–no, we have invited–a culture of evil to invade our nation. We have turned from a people of faith in God to a people of independence from God.

Just in the last decade, Americans identifying as Christians have dropped by 12% according to Pew Research. A more accurate gauge of the commitment of Christians is the Gallop report that church attendance is down 20% in the last decade. For the first time in our nation’s history, less than half of our population attends church with any regularity. We have moved away from honoring God and adhering to biblical guidance. This shift has opened up a spiritual vacuum in our culture that is being filled with satanic influence. There is a spiritual war going on in this country, and we are losing the battle. We are experiencing the same trend that led to the collapse of almost every great nation that has gone before us.

The Uvalde atrocity is a case study of our nation’s spiritual condition. Salvador Ramos didn’t shoot and kill 19 innocent children and two teachers because he was mentally ill; he committed that act because of the hatred he allowed to enter his soul void of spiritual sensitivity. His life was in shambles worsened by having no father influence, and his mother was a drug addict. His parents had chosen to ignore biblical truth which resulted in dire consequences for their son. Similar scenarios have ruined thousands of lives in the past, are destroying lives presently, and will continue to drive demonic people to perpetrate vicious acts in the future. There is little or nothing so-called “professionals” can do to brighten this darkness. However, the answer is in something we all can do. Something we all must do.

Turning America back to God is not going to happen through a spiritual or political leader. It is not going to happen through laws and policies. It can only happen through each individual in a collective movement. Each one of us must make a serious assessment of where we are spiritually. Align yourself with the Lord through prayer and reading the Bible. Have serious discussions with your family about our nation’s spiritual deficit and about growing closer to God. If you are not in the habit of attending church consistently, get in that habit! If you know of a family or individual who is showing signs of irrational or evil behavior, intervene. Get to know what is driving that person, and try to rescue him or her from that dark world. Share all of this with extended family and friends.

Only if we begin to view everything from a spiritual perspective and act on that perspective will we be able to save this country. It is as simple as this, straight from God’s Word: “If my people, who are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

Why May 24 Is Arkansas’ Most Important Election Day

Arkansas Primary Election, May 24, 2022

Of Arkansas’ 1.7 million registered voters, only 20% of us (about 340,000) are expected to vote in the May 24th primary election. Over twice that number will likely vote in the November general election. This is upside-down logic! In this red state, the winners of the November general election will essentially be determined in the May primary. In every state and national position, the Republican winners of the Arkansas primary will be elected in November. So, waiting until November will be too late to ensure we elect aggressive candidates who will oppose the radicalism destroying America. If you’re only going to vote in one election, vote now rather than in November.

In primaries of many other states, it is a priority for Republicans to elect the best candidate to defeat the Democratic opponent in November. But in Arkansas’ political reality, the state primary will have already elected the winner in November. This gives us conservatives a distinct advantage. We don’t have to compromise by tailoring our candidates to the liberal opposition. We can elect those who will be most outspoken and passionate for the conservative platform. But success will require a record turnout of conservatives for this year’s primary.

In 2022, perhaps more than any previous year, it is incumbent on every Republican voter to vote in the primary election. We Arkansans have crucial decisions to make in the races for U.S. Senator, U.S. Representative, Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, State Senator, State Representative, and State Supreme Court Justice. All of these offices are critical in fighting the radical leftists and the degenerate woke culture of our state and nation.

Many battles are on the horizon regarding abortion, border security, the economy, COVID, education, voting rights, gender issues, racial issues, and more. Career and milquetoast politicians are NOT what Arkansans need for these battles.

Early voting is underway. Vote this week and avoid the crowds of May 24th. But, most importantly, vote in this primary election. Choose who will best represent your views and concerns. Send aggressive conservatives to Washington and Little Rock before our nation and state become unrecognizable.

Arkansas Needs a Fighter in the Senate

Jan Morgan and John Boozman

I rarely post about specific political campaigns and almost never highlight issues limited to my home state of Arkansas. But I believe this year’s race for one of Arkansas’ Senate seats is of critical importance for America. As another departure from my norm, this post is a copy of my letter to the editors of two prominent newspapers. Arkansas readers, as we approach the Republican primary, please give serious attention to these points I make in my letter.

A recent letter to the editor was critical toward Jan Morgan, candidate for U.S. Senator. In his letter headlined “Don’t Need a ‘Fighter,’” the writer objected to her promise to be a fighter for Arkansas in Washington. He said he wasn’t looking for a fighter. He went on to tout 21-year incumbent Senator John Boozman, whom Morgan is challenging, as a “nice guy” that Washington needed more of. I must totally disagree with the writer. Although I yearn to get back to the days of bipartisanship and teamwork in Congress, that is not what is needed to counter the present culture of leftist radicalism, moral decline, and wokeness in our nation. If we don’t send conservative fighters to Washington this election year to oppose the socialist movement that is destroying America, we may not get another chance.

An unbiased AP article in Monday’s paper highlighting the Boozman campaign refers to him as an “unassuming figure who talks almost in a whisper and is more comfortable chatting about policy or the University of Arkansas Razorbacks’ football record than giving fiery speeches.” I like Senator Boozman as a person and have enjoyed conversing with him in his office a couple of times. He generally votes conservative but has voted with President Biden 34% of the time according to the FiveThirtyEight non-partisan political analysis website.

I don’t like having to be in a constant battle with the Biden administration and the radical left. I would much prefer all of our senators and representatives to get along for the best interests of our country. But that is not feasible in today’s reality. Those bent on destroying our traditions and principles must be stopped by the conservative fighters we elect. Arkansans don’t need a 31-consecutive-year professional politician in the Senate who shrinks from going to battle on our behalf. Therefore, I support Jan Morgan, a strong Christian conservative, who will aggressively defend Arkansas values as a senator. I encourage every voter to give her consideration. She is experienced, articulate, a business owner, and .…a fighter. Yes, she’s outspoken and a little rough around the edges, but her outgoing patriotic spirit is what we need in these times.

Can America Still Be Saved?

America in Decline

Every day we learn of something else that has gone terribly wrong in America. So much so we tend to be numb to bad news. Worse, we lose sight of the cumulative effect of our nation’s moral decay, weak leadership, economic decline, family dissolution, and loss of respect worldwide. We are in lockstep with the cycle of all other great societies that now only exist in the annals of history. Can we begin a turn-around in our race to decadence and irrelevancy, preserving this great nation for at least for a few more generations? I believe we can. But it would take a vast majority of Americans acquiring a passion for a drastic change. Let’s consider what that might look like.

Living in the cauldron of an atrophying super power is like the proverbial story of the frog in a heating kettle. The frog is comfortable in the initially warm water failing to notice that the heat is slowly intensifying until it is at the boiling point, and the frog, never attempting to escape, dies. Over the last few years America has been diving into oblivion at an exponential rate. Our former moral high ground has sunken to a historic low. Divorce, abortion, sexual promiscuity, infatuation with gender dysphoria and homosexuality, and pornography addiction are just a few appalling trends that are dragging the moral fabric of our society down at an increasing rate.

Government corruption and incompetency at every level are at a high never before suffered by our nation. Scandal after scandal has dominated politics in the news for over a decade. Partisanship has deadlocked Congress. The debacle in Afghanistan and leading from behind in Ukraine have severely damaged the U.S. reputation in the rest of the world while emboldening our enemies. The immigration crisis at our southern border, actively supported by our president, is crippling our country. The current top four officials in Washington, D.C., the president, vice president, speaker of the House, and Senate majority leader, make up what is the most corrupt and least competent leadership collaboration in our history.

With this sketch of the state of the union, can there be any hope? Well, as Psalm 118:8 reminds us, “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” No doubt, if every Christian in the country would pray earnestly for God to restore us back to the faithful nation He planned for us to be, it would happen seemingly overnight. However, God usually uses His people to participate in accomplishing His will. Therefore, if every Christian supported and voted for only those political candidates who are faithful followers and servants of the Lord, I believe America would return to the “nation of divine providence” our founding fathers dreamed of, wrote about, and initiated.

Statistics show one in three Christians do not vote consistently.* That is far more votes than the margin of almost all political races, meaning Christians could make the difference in about every election. It is the height of hypocrisy to complain about losing our country while voting for someone who is not committed to a godly agenda and biblical party platform, or while not voting at all.

Yes, America can still be saved. But it will probably depend on Christians stepping up to their responsibility at the voting booths. Let’s begin with this year’s primary and general elections. It is possible we may not survive another two years to the next elections.


The Weak Biden Administration Invites War with Russia

President Biden speaking in Poland

The official American response to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has been lackluster, chaotic, confusing, and ineffective. The Biden administration has been leading from behind and telegraphing weakness since the first signs of Russia’s military buildup on Ukraine’s borders. I have longed for any sign of boldness from my country and was ecstatic when President Biden called for regime change in Russia last Saturday. That balloon quickly burst when, in less than 24 hours, his handlers scrambled to walk back his remarks, thus reestablishing America’s role as virtually irrelevant in this world crisis. Let’s look at why this perception of U.S. weakness will eventually invite expanded war with Russia.

When it became obvious months ago that Putin was planning to invade his innocent neighboring country, America should have slapped excruciatingly painful sanctions on Russia rather than promise to do so “if” they invaded. We should not have officially assured Putin that no U.S. military would enter Ukraine. What a green light and relief that was for the monster dictator. The resources we have poured into Ukraine to better equip them for the fight have helped immensely in thwarting Putin’s intended scorched-earth rout of the country. However, those resources, more and sooner, would have likely ensured a Ukraine victory by now. The Biden administration’s reluctance to challenge Putin early on delayed the requested support until the invader had a far superior advantage. Putin is determined to reorder Europe to the borders of the former imperial Soviet Union. And America and NATO appear to be allowing him to take this major first step to that end.

This scenario has been played out before with disastrous results. In the 1930s, a despotic German dictator was aggressively plotting to return his nation to the glory and territory it lost in World War I. As a war-avoidance appeasement to Hitler, the western world, led by Great Britain’s prime minister Neville Chamberlain and accepted by our president, Franklin Roosevelt, agreed to let the dictator conquer parts of Czechoslovakia. That consolation from America and the other democratic nations fueled Hitler’s continued invasions into Poland and other eastern European countries. The weak initial responses to Hitler ultimately resulted in the U.S. and its European allies being forced into defending Europe in the protracted World War II. It also emboldened Japan to follow Hitler’s example in the Pacific. The tragedies of World War II could possibly have been avoided had America and the western European democracies stopped Hitler at his first incursion into Czechoslovakia.

At some point, Putin must be stopped. If he succeeds in Ukraine, it will only be a springboard for further encroachments into other European nations. It’s the dilemma of the 1930s. The free world can crush him now or face him in an all-out war involving many nations and possibly employing nuclear weapons.

So, yes, Mr. President, this man cannot remain in power! Have the guts to stand by your statement. Tell your handlers to back off. Lead the other NATO nations and the European Union to do whatever it takes to drive Putin’s army out of Ukraine. Sadly, flaunting our power for righteous good as the greatest nation in the world is little more than a dream anymore. America is only as strong as its leadership. And, presently, our leadership is weak and cowardly.

God and the Invasion: Where is Yahweh in All This?

Presidents Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden

Absolutely nothing happens randomly, catching God by surprise. Everything is filtered through His sovereign will including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But, there is constant spiritual warfare going on in which Satan strives to inflict the world with evil forces. Putin is an agent of evil daring America and its allies to stop his bloody aggression. Will we? Let’s look at what is at stake spiritually and materially.

My latest book, Daniel: Prophet at the King’s Command, begins with the invasion of Jerusalem by Babylon’s King Nebuchadnezzar. The prophet, Daniel, then just a teenager, poses the question, “Where is Yahweh in all this.” Yahweh is the Hebrew word for God. There had been many invasions of innocent nations by evil nations before Daniel’s 605 BC generation. And there have been many such invasions since throughout the entire globe. It would seem that civilization should have learned to live peacefully after thousands of years. But as long as there is evil in the world, there will be wars among nations. There will always be narcissistic leaders of passive nations that are willing to risk innumerable lives of their own citizens to gain control of the government and citizens of another country. Evil will always be with us on personal and aggregate levels until Christ comes again. Satan will manipulate his subjects, but, according to the scriptures, God will never lose control.

Putin is an evil dictator. He may also be a psychopath. Although he claims membership in the Russian Orthodox Church, he is a Communist leader, and Communism is both atheistic and antireligious. In contrast, Ukraine adheres to Christianity with over 70% of its population declaring themselves believers. Although Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, is Jewish, he has great respect for Christians and churches, and he actively supports religious freedom in the country. Ukraine is the main missionary sending country for Eastern Europe and Central Asia. So, the deadly crisis in Ukraine is more than a ruthless tyrant dictator seeking to reestablish the former Soviet Union nation by nation. Granted, that is apparently his long-term strategy. But the war is more about an evil government’s attempt to consume a Christian nation. It is a classic example of spiritual warfare on a massive scale. The Bible teaches that certain of Satan’s demons are assigned to rule over certain nations. The nations of Russia, China, and Iran must have very powerful demons.

Godly people worldwide, including America and the NATO nations, oppose Putin’s diabolical action. Even many of Russia’s own people are rising up and protesting the attack on Ukraine. Brave Ukraine civilians are taking up arms and resisting the Goliath Russian army. Many Russian soldiers are surrendering to the weaker Ukraine soldiers. It is difficult to predict what will be the end result of Putin’s brazen disregard for world order. I believe it will eventually backfire on him and the Russian government even though it may look like a win initially. God may use this atrocity to ultimately unleash His wrath on the government that has been Satan’s operative for almost a century. Pray that America remains on the right side spiritually and otherwise. Whatever happens, we should watch it closely with an eye toward where Yahweh is in all this.

As the National Debt Passes $30 Trillion, You Owe Over $90,000

You didn’t hear a boom or see flashes in the sky, but on January 31, America’s national debt broke through the $30 trillion threshold. And there is no end in sight to government borrowing. This debt is owed by every American man, woman, and child. Each of us currently owes over $90,000. An average American household owes over $231,000. Let’s look at what this means to you personally.

Let’s imagine a man with the American average annual income of $53,000. This man has run up credit card debts totaling $69,000. He has been paying only interest on the debt for years with nothing going to principal. He has not even slowed his pace of borrowing for about anything he desires. He has no plans to get out of debt or even to reduce his balance. In fact, his plans are to make some extravagant purchases this year that will add more to his credit card than ever before.

This financial idiocy is precisely analogous to the American national fiscal situation. Our debt of $30 trillion is now 1.3 times our annual income (GDP) of $23 trillion. Since March 2020, the national debt has surged by 27% or $6.5 trillion. It has doubled in the last ten years. A basic macro-economic principle has long been that, when any nation’s debt exceeds its GDP, that nation’s economy is in trouble. Yet our congress and our presidential administration has ignored the debt for decades. As the chart above indicates, congress frequently legislates debt ceilings to curb spending. But their discipline lasts only a few months until they vote for the next item on their wish list that will require lifting the ceiling.

A trillion is an incomprehensible number. A trillion seconds is over 31,000 years ago. A trillion pennies stacked on top of each other would reach the moon and back and to the moon again. A trillion one-dollar bills laid side by side like floor tile would cover the states of Rhode Island and Delaware. If you spent $40 per second around the clock, it would take 23,775 years to spend the $30 trillion Americans collectively owe. Remember, the government has no money. It is our money…and our debt.

Recently President Biden’s $5 trillion Build Back Better Act passed in the House with all republicans voting no, and all democrats, except one, voting yes. It would have passed in the Senate had it not been for two democratic senators with some semblance of sanity. Now, the democrats are frantically breaking the bill into smaller pieces to get at least some of the excessive liberal spending passed before they lose their majority in the 2022 elections. Congressional democrats are determined to increase the debt even further.

The only answer to eventual national bankruptcy is to stop federal deficit spending. Contact your congressional representative and senators immediately. Tell them to stop dragging you into more debt. Tell them to vote “no” on any spending bill that exceeds tax revenues. Then tell them you want to see a strategy for reducing the current debt.

I welcome your comments.

A Weak America Invited a Resurgence of Communist Expansionism

Russian President Vladimir Putin

Largely due to the tough stands of presidents Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, the Cold War with the Soviet Union ended in 1989 after 44 years. Communism was generally contained until Russia invaded the former Soviet nation of Georgia and later Crimea under the Obama administration. After no aggressive incursions while Trump was president, Putin is now at the threshold of the Ukrainian border with over 125,000 troops ready to invade after sensing weakness from the Biden administration. Let’s look at what is about to happen and why.

During my 24 years in the Air Force, my assignments were divided between flying and developing strategies to restrain the Soviet Union. Both responsibilities were in support of the Cold War between the world’s two superpowers. The Soviet Union’s objective was to ultimately rule the world under Communism. This involved expanding their subversion to as many countries as possible. They also were intent on controlling the realm of space and achieving superiority in nuclear weapons. The objective of the U.S. was to stop them, which we did 33 years ago through military and economic dominance. Russia, the residual nation of the defeated Soviet Union is hardly a superpower now. Its Gross National Product (GDP) in 2021 was $1.5 trillion compared to $21.8 trillion for the U.S. That positions Russia at 11th among the world’s leading economies. But Russia’s priority on military power ranks them third in the world in that category behind the U.S. and China. And its obvious objective, under the leadership of President Putin, is to resurrect the Soviet Union and spread Communism throughout the world. Their plan is to first reclaim the European Soviet Bloc countries beginning with Georgia, Crimea, and now Ukraine. Russia has craved its re-designation as a superpower nation for decades and has always looked to take any advantage of a weakened America.

If Russia succeeds in Ukraine, it will definitely move on to the next country. The Bible indicates it will one day invade Israel. When that happens, get ready to see the destruction and remaking of all creation with Jesus Christ as King of Heaven on earth. That is my theological comment for this post. You’re welcome.

For a year now, President Biden has given Putin every evidence of weakness on the international scene. Putin invaded Crimea after President Obama failed to show resolve in Syria. Likewise, he began preparations for invading Ukraine shortly after President Biden’s fiasco in Afghanistan and an abundance of other failures. He knew better than to try anything during President Trump’s term. If Trump were in the White House now, it is extremely unlikely we would see 125,000 Russian troops on Ukraine’s border. All we are hearing from the Biden administration is that, if Russia invades, the U.S. will apply strong sanctions, and that we may even deploy U.S. forces into North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) countries. The Russian buildup of military forces at Ukraine’s border has been going on for months. We should have already had a U.S. force deployed to NATO countries many weeks ago. We should also make clear to Russia that, if they invade, they will face U.S. forces with a vengeance on Ukraine soil. All NATO countries should send the same signal. Putin only respects and responds to a will to employ military might. Economic sanctions don’t worry him much. The Biden administration needs to grow a backbone if we are going to avoid another generation of Russia’s expansionism. The time to stop it is now. It will be more difficult with each country that goes down.

America’s most important allies are the nations of the European Union and Great Britain. Four NATO countries border the Ukraine on its west. Ukraine could be a stepping stone to invading NATO allies, in which case, as a member of NATO, we would be obligated to their defense. Furthermore, China is showing signs of invading our friend, Taiwan. Without a doubt, China’s president, Xi Jinping, and his cronies are watching the Biden administration very closely to decide whether they can get by with invading Taiwan without a military reaction from the U.S. If we punt on Ukraine, China will move next.

The whole world, friend and foe alike, expects America to be the protector of democracy. Failure in that role is failure in every international relationship. America must get this one right.

Biden’s Most Important News Conference: Opportunity Missed.

Biden’s Second Formal Solo News Conference

President Biden just held the second formal solo news conference of his entire year in office. He had only subjected himself to nine solo news conferences of any kind. This compares to Trump’s 22 and Obama’s 27 in their first year. This one wouldn’t have happened had he not just come off the worst week of his presidency, and America was demanding answers. After a disastrous year in the White House, the president had the perfect opportunity to promise mainstream America he would start paying attention to their priorities and reset his agenda to the real and dire needs of our nation. But that didn’t happen. Let’s look at what did happen in this rare news conference.

Biden constantly touts the only two victories his administration has had in his first year: the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Bill and the $1.2 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. These inflationary deficit spending bills, laden with pork, are the only significant accomplishments he has to point to which he did repeatedly with the press. Those so-called victories pale in comparison to his countless failures related to the border crisis, COVID policies, Afghanistan, the economy, Russia, China, Iran, energy policies, the crime wave, law enforcement, politicization of the military, outright lies, public schools, and on and on and on. After his $5 trillion Build Back Better Plan fell short of the votes needed, a last ditch effort to salvage at least some radical left legislation died with the attempt to kill the filibuster and pass the federalizing of the voting system.

The only hope to avoid being remembered as the worst president in history would have been to use his first anniversary as president to signal an abrupt halt to his destructive steering of the country into socialism and his radical leftist legislative agenda. He could have begun a restoration of confidence in the presidency by espousing a more moderate approach to his second year. The mainstream media would have had something positive to debate for months. Instead, they will have to continue to cover for old Joe ignoring the virtues of true journalism.

The president’s overwhelming emphasis with the journalists was the one-note tune of the “enormous progress” his administration has made in his first year. When asked repeatedly what he might change in his second year, he finally offered that he hoped to get out more among the people and communicate his accomplishments on a more personal level. He said the other new effort he would pursue in his second year would be to campaign and raise funds for Democrats in the 2022 election. That was it. No policy changes, no rethinking legislation, no plans to unify the nation, and no redirection on all of the failures of the first year. Just more of the same.

Pressed on conceding on Build Back Better and federalizing the voter system, he vowed to break both bills down into smaller chunks that might have a better chance of passage as a series of new bills. In other words, he was not giving up on bankrupting the economy and taking over the voting process from the states.

So, if anyone was holding on to hope for this news conference, it didn’t happen. This administration doesn’t even entertain the thought of pivoting on anything. We can expect more of the same. The hope we do hold on to is the red wave across America in this year’s congressional and gubernatorial elections. With expected majorities in both houses of Congress next year, conservatives can be the guardrail that keeps this great nation from going completely off the road until regaining the White House in 2024.

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