Vote Morally

Moral compass vote

All election polling considered, the top issues on voters’ minds for the 2022 mid-terms are inflation/economy, future of democracy, abortion, crime, and immigration. The common issue that overlays all of these is morality. Every voter’s moral compass should be the determining factor of how he or she votes. Votes for political candidates should not be based on any characteristic other than how they view the issues. And every issue is ultimately a moral issue. The question is: what is moral?

Over the course of my baby-boomer generation, moral principles have shifted from being rooted in biblical truth to being based on popular opinion. We as a nation must return to absolute truth and abandon relative truth, or opinion. Absolute truth has one source: the Bible. When God created everything that exists in the universe, He established an absolute truth. Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.” We may misinterpret or misapply the scriptures God gave us, but they are always the truth. Yet, most people today make their own false truth based on convenience, pleasure, greed, and experience.

Problems with inflation and the economy are largely caused by greed and poor work ethic. Worries about a fractured democracy and election fraud are outgrowths of political posturing for advantage and power. The abortion issue amounts to sacrificing the life of one person to enhance the lifestyle of another. Crime is nothing less than extreme greed and hateful retaliation. Illegal immigration is blatant disregard for drug-smuggling and killing as well as human trafficking. In every aspect of these issues, truth is being subverted to the selfish needs and wants of immoral people in our country.

Governmental favor toward gay marriage, redefining gender, transgender rights, abortion, lawlessness, human trafficking, illicit drug use, open borders, frivolous spending, indebtedness, and much more is blatant disregard for absolute moral truth in America.

Christ followers throughout this country have a responsibility, an obligation, a biblical mandate to uphold moral truth. One of the most critical arenas for this action is the election process. The afore-mentioned moral issues are on the ballot this November. Some are actual proposals to be voted on while others are candidates’ partisan platforms that either support or deny biblical moral truth. Know each candidate’s political platform. Pay close attention to what a candidate advocates. Vote only for candidates that will support absolute moral truth consistently.

Only God can save America. If He is willing to rescue our great nation, much of His work will likely be though the efforts of His people to purify their leadership at every level. This is done mostly by voting according to absolute moral truth.

Arkansas Recreational Marijuana Initiative. STOP IT!

Arkansas Recreational Marijuana Initiative

The off and on-again Arkansas Recreational Marijuana Initiative is on the ballot for the November 8 election. This would be an awful law and a continuation of our great state’s slippery slide into further problems of morality, safety, crime, health, family issues, and the economy. Here is a quick summary of what is at stake.

In 2016, the majority of Arkansas voters approved a similar amendment that legalized the medical use of marijuana. Many predicted this acquiescence to the THC proponents would not end there. So, here we are only six years later facing that prophetic eventuality. A group called “Arkansas True Grass” has collected over 192,000 petition signatures, more than double the 89,151 required to place the initiative on the ballot. The Arkansas State Board of Election Commission had disqualified the ballot initiative name as misleading. However, what seemed like a reprieve for opponents of the proposed amendment was reversed by the Arkansas Supreme Court a few weeks ago. Arkansas voters will vote next month for or against legalizing recreational marijuana throughout our state.

Here are just a few reasons why you should vote NO on this constitutional amendment*:

  • The harmful THC concentrations in marijuana have more than doubled in the U.S. over the past decade and have increased the risk of psychosis (2022 study published in The Lancer).
  • Self-harm rates, including suicide, rose 46% among men ages 21-39 in states that have legalized recreational marijuana (2021 report published in the Journal of the American Medical Association [JAMA]).
  • The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the CDC report that, after alcohol, marijuana is most often associated with impaired driving leading to traffic accidents. Unregulated use will increase Arkansas highway accidents and fatalities. Due to the increase in traffic accidents, your automobile insurance premiums will also increase.
  • In Colorado and other states where recreational marijuana has been legalized, organized crime and drug cartels have greatly increased their distribution of stronger illicit black market pot to the growing population of users. Soon after Colorado’s legalization of marijuana, the state’s governor announced, “We are not making any extra revenue from this…we’ve spent millions and millions of dollars, and we still haven’t gotten people to realize you’re taking some serious risk when consuming marijuana, certainly as a teenager when your brain is still growing so rapidly.”
  • A 2021 study published in Addiction found that, when pregnant mothers used marijuana, their babies were 35% more likely to be born preterm, have a low birth weight, and be smaller. A 2022 study published in JAMA found that, when pregnant mothers used marijuana, their children faced an increased risk of mental disorder.
  • Since the legalization of marijuana in some states, ER visits and poison control calls have increased as a result of children accidentally eating food laced with the drug. According to CDC, secondhand marijuana smoke contains THC and can be harmful to infants, children, and others exposed to it.
  • Although industries can prohibit marijuana use in the workplace, use just before work can still cause on-the-job accidents, costly production errors, and reduced productivity.

For these and many other reasons, why would The Natural State want to add a dangerous, unhealthy, and expensive law to its constitution? Aren’t we dealing with enough problematic issues already without inviting another? Ours is a beautiful and wonderful state despite our struggles with poverty, education, health, crime, and family breakups. Legalizing recreational marijuana would seriously worsen those struggles. It would in no way improve the quality of life for Arkansans.

Go to the polls early or on November 8 and vote against the Arkansas Recreational Marijuana Initiative–Issue 4–for the future of our state.

*Some of the points of this list were extracted from the Arkansas Family Council blog.

Christians Alone Can Determine Election Outcomes

Vote biblical values

It’s a fact. There are 168 million registered voters in America. Of that number, over 90 million identify as Christians. As many as 40 million registered Christians, or more than one-third, typically don’t vote. Another 15 million eligible Christians are not even registered. If those 55 million Christians voted their biblical values and principles this November and in 2024, the aggressive drive toward socialism and decadence in this country could be abruptly reversed. Here is what we must do immediately.

Every Christian in America must pause to remember that they and their nation-wide Christian family have the numbers–the power–to be Christ’s ambassadors in salvaging our crumbling heritage. God has given us the ability and responsibility to lift this country out of the mire of liberalism, wokeness, debauchery, and lethargy. …We are ambassadors for Christ, since God is making His appeal through us… (2 Corinthians 5:20). We shirk that providential ability and responsibility every time we fail to vote. Therefore, I believe it is a sin to not vote if able.

The Bible teaches that Christians should hold each other accountable. If we know a brother or sister is not representing the Lord boldly, we are to gently point out that failing and encourage them to be responsible. Brothers and sisters, if someone is overtaken in any wrongdoing, you who are spiritual, restore such a person with a gentle spirit. (Galatians 6:1a). If we know other believers who are not registered or are not planning to vote, it is our duty to call it to their attention and urge them to prayerfully vote their biblical values and principles as representatives of Christ.

One way to encourage other Christians to vote is to sign up to the letter writing campaign, “Write Now,” with the My Faith Votes organization. Click here to go to their website and commit to send pre-written letters to specific Christians from a data base who have neglected to register or vote. I just completed hand-addressing 100 such letters. You can do as many or as few letters as you desire. Check it out! The deadline for signup is September 29, just a week away, so hurry.

Finally, I appeal to you to share this post with your circle of friends and loved ones. The message must get out to remind all Christians that it is their biblical responsibility to represent Christ in electing leaders who will govern according to biblical values and principles. God gave us our America that, despite our failures, has historically been the most powerful, most prosperous, yet the most benevolent nation in the world. Now, we have allowed that status to degenerate and are racing toward disaster. The only hope for America is Christ. He is calling on us to revive our country according to the plan He has for us. We can rise to the call, or we can sit back and watch the demolition. Don’t fail to vote, and don’t let your brothers and sisters fail to vote.

Where Is America’s Queen Elizabeth?

Queen Elizabeth II

I join the United Kingdom, America, and much of the rest of the world in mourning the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Her grace and many other admirable attributes have been a consistent reminder of what public service should be. As I have watched the tributes and honors pour into the media, I cannot avoid the question: what American statesman has earned such respect? Where is America’s Queen Elizabeth?

At age 14, this heiress daughter of King George VI and the Queen Mother made a public radio speech expressing true sympathy to wartime evacuees. During World War II, Princess Elizabeth joined the women’s branch of the British Army becoming a mechanic and military truck driver. In 1952, she ascended to the throne at age 25 with minimum fanfare. During her reign, she hosted almost every free world leader including 13 American presidents. Her gracious hospitality was unmatched by any other royalty or head of state. More than a ceremonial figurehead, as Commander-in-Chief of the British military forces, her wisdom and grit served her nation decisively through many crises. During her numerous trials and setbacks over her seven decades reign, she maintained an unwavering resolve while demonstrating impressive empathetic and moral character.

This monarch deferred her glory to that of her Lord and Savior. She was a close friend of Billy Graham and often shared her faith publicly. In a nationwide broadcast shortly after becoming queen, she requested, “Pray for me…that God may give me wisdom and strength to carry out the solemn promises I shall be making, and that I may faithfully serve Him and you all the days of my life.” Just last month, she proclaimed in a speech, “throughout my life, the message and teachings of Christ have been my guide and in them I find hope.”

The life of Queen Elizabeth should be the standard by which we Americans assess our leaders. But we fall woefully short. I was four years old when Princess Elizabeth became queen. Since that year, I have witnessed 14 American presidents. I deeply regret that I can’t name one that has had the moral character, the dignity, the resolute but gentle spirit, the respect of the nations, and the love of the governed that is descriptive of this queen. I have had favorite presidents, Ronald Reagan topping the list. But I sadly wonder whom in the last 70 years could we Americans celebrate in the manner earned by Queen Elizabeth. Where is America’s Queen Elizabeth?

It is a shameful indictment of our great nation that we can’t seem to raise up key leaders who have the moral character, the fortitude, and the wisdom along with the faith, the gentleness of spirit, and the empathy we so desperately need. Surely we have men and women of that caliber who can unify and lead 330 million people to the solid, righteous high ground necessary to maintain our status as the world’s benevolent superpower God has purposed us to be. May we pray aggressively for and seek leaders of this quality–leaders whose lives will eventually be passionately celebrated, leaders with the dignity and virtues of Queen Elizabeth II.

Biden’s Starkest Polarizing Speech

President Biden’s Soul of America Speech

Almost every time Biden has spoken publicly as president, his rhetoric has been divisive. But his so-called “Battle for the Soul of the Nation” speech on Thursday night was his most blatant attempt yet to polarize Americans. With the opportunity to lead our nation toward unity, he instead characterized half the country as extremists that threaten the foundations of democracy.

The president attempted to stir emotions by using the venue of Philadelphia’s Independence Hall. However, the aura of himself against a dark red-lit background with two marines at attention was reminiscent of another leader in Berlin in the 1940s. The scene sent chills down my back. How dare the President of the United States dishonor the sacred birthplace of our freedoms in this way.

His attempt to distinguish between MAGA Republicans and other Republicans fell flat. Whether individual Republicans are Trump supporters or not, we all crave to “make America great again.” His accusation of Republicans living in the past is descriptive of his own obsession with Donald Trump since entering the White House. I am in the court of almost all Republicans yearning to return to the past before record inflation, pervasive crime, open borders, limitless sexual immorality, woke cancel culture, unchecked government overreach, frivolous government spending, weakened military, broken international relationships, and legitimate threats from the two superpowers who detect weak leadership. He wants us to look to the future, but his future is something I can’t bring myself to look at.

Basically, the speech labeled everyone who opposed him and other Democrats as enemies of the republic who do not respect the Constitution. Surely this speech will be seen as an unveiled threat to every conservative, their children, and grandchildren. I hope this gauntlet thrown down will be a wake-up call for all patriotic Americans to at least do one positive thing the president called for: vote, vote, vote this November and in 2024. Yes, President Biden, there is a battle for the soul of America, but America’s enemy is not MAGA Republicans, it is the radical socialist movement by you and other Democrats to transform our great nation.

The Worst Affront Yet from President Biden

President Joe Biden speaks about student loan debt cancelation

Just when we thought we had seen the most idiotic actions possible from the White House, student loan debt cancelation is announced. This is the most unfair, illogical, political, partisan, and inflationary government overreach in the history of the presidency. It is purely and simply placing financial obligations of the wealthy elite on the backs of poor and middle class citizens in order to increase Democratic votes.

Penning his name under yet another executive order, Biden gave a minimum of $300 billion of taxpayers’ money to some 43 million student loan borrowers. It is the most expensive presidential executive order in history. It will completely pay off the loans of 20 million of those borrowers and make a big dent in the balance of the rest. Total student debt in America is estimated at $1.75 trillion–an amount equal to over a third of the national annual budget and $412 billion more than all automobile loans.

Student loans from the government amount to 92% of all such loans. One-third of all students take out these loans, but over 50% of graduate students depend on them. Therefore, most of the debt to be canceled will be for the highest income earners in the country. The cancelations are capped at those individuals earning $125,000, but, if they are married and filing jointly, they can have a combined income of $250,000 and still have their loans paid off by the taxpayers. So, what it boils down to is most of the taxpayers’ money will go to benefit those who attained the highest levels of education and, therefore, have the highest paying jobs.

And what will this cost each taxpayer? The National Taxpayers Union estimates the ten-year average cost to each taxpayer will be over $2,000. Married taxpayers filing jointly will add over $4,000 to their tax returns.

The unfairness of this is blatantly obvious and shameful. Low and middle income hourly wage earners will be paying for the college expenses incurred by the most wealthy of our nation. Those who couldn’t afford to go to college but didn’t want the debt will now pay for those who borrowed for success and wealth. Those who avoided college debt by working their way to their degrees will now pay for those who breezed through on loans without working. Parents who sacrificed financially to pay for their children to go to college will now have to pay for children of other parents who didn’t sacrifice. Parents and graduates who have paid off their loans will now have to pay off the loans of others who weren’t as diligent.

The justification given for this unjustifiable action is that COVID and inflation have made this debt unbearable for the debtor graduates. Yet these graduates have been exempt from any payments since March of 2020 due to COVID. So, where is the unbearable burden? That exemption has made the graduates less impacted by inflation than those who are paying for mortgage, auto, and credit card loans, none of which has been exempted or canceled. Furthermore, the loan cancelation will worsen inflation by releasing additionally money into the economy. Colleges will inflate their tuitions even more knowing students can now afford bigger loans. The absurdity of this executive order is surpassed only by the absurdity of the real reason for it. Oh, I failed to mention, it is unconstitutional. Only Congress can forgive government loans.

The real reason for this preposterous edict is to gain political advantage for Democrats. It is yet another desperation attempt to reduce the anticipated wave of Republicans taking over Democratic seats in the House and Senate in November. The Biden administration is betting that many of the 43 million beneficiaries of the loan forgiveness will register and vote for Democrats in ’22 and ’24. A disproportionately high percentage of women and black graduates, whom the Democrats are frantically trying to hold on to, have the larger loan balances.

We can only hope enough voters will understand what is really happening here to ensure this Robin Hood reversal of taking from the poor and giving to the rich will backfire as a political maneuver.

Moses’ Song for America

A Song of Moses

In Deuteronomy 32, God gave Moses His message to His people, Israel, in the form of a song. That song is ominously applicable to America today. This post is a little longer than my usual but is well worth the read. It is understood best if the scripture is read first. Then see the amazing parallel between the message for Israel and the same message, verse by verse, for America. Here is Moses’ Song for America.

Give ear, O heavens, and let me speak;

And let the earth hear the words of my mouth.

Let my teaching drop as the rain,

My speech distill as the dew,

As the droplets on the fresh grass

And as the showers on the herb.

For I proclaim the name of the Lord;

Ascribe greatness to our God!

“The Rock! His work is perfect,

For all His ways are just,

A God of faithfulness and with justice.

Righteous and upright is He.

His favored people, Americans, have acted corruptly toward Him.

They are not His children, because of their defects;

But are a perverse and crooked generation.

Do you thus repay the Lord,

O foolish and unwise people?

Is not He your Father who has bought you?

He has made you and established you.

Remember the days of old.

Consider the years of all generations.

Ask your father, and he will inform you,

Your elders, and they will tell you.

When the Most High gave the first pioneers their inheritance,

When He separated the people,

He set boundaries of states

According to the settlements of the frontiersmen.

For the Lord’s most precious possession is His people.

America’s riches are allotments of His estate.

He had compassion on the inhabitants of an oppressed land,

And those in the clutches of a dark culture.

He encircled the first new world settlers, He cared for them.

He guarded them as the pupil of His eye.

Like and eagle that stirs up its nest,

That hovers over its young,

He spread His wings and caught them,

And He carried them on His pinions.

The Lord alone guided them,

And there was no foreign god with them.

He led them to cultivate the most fertile places of the earth,

And they lived well on the produce of the field.

He allowed them to harvest plenty from even poor soil,

And to discover oil from abundant reservoirs.

He provided dairy products from thriving cattle,

Abundant beef from many herds,

And various other domesticated animals for work and food.

He blessed them with the finest of grains

And trees with boundless fruit.

But Americans grew obese and lazy—

They overindulged and became sedentary—

They forsook God who created them,

And scorned the Rock of their salvation.

They made Him jealous with their false beliefs.

With egregious sins, they provoked Him to anger.

They put their faith in material things instead of God,

On affluence they had not known before.

Technology replaced dependence on God,

On new conveniences never before available.

They neglected the Rock who created them,

And forgot the God who gave them birth.

The Lord saw this, and spurned them

Because of the provocation of His sons and daughters.

Then He said, “I will hide My face from them,

I will see what their end shall be.

For they are a perverse generation,

Sons in whom is no faithfulness.

They have made Me jealous of what is not my equal.

They have provoked Me to anger with their unfaithfulness.

So, I will make them jealous of those who are not my people.

I will provoke them to anger over foolish nations.

For a fire is kindled in My anger,

And burns to the heart of the earth,

And consumes the earth with its yield,

And sets on fire the foundations of the forested mountains.

I will heap misfortunes on them.

I will inflict natural disasters on them.

They will be wasted by famine, and consumed by plague

And bitter destruction.

And diseases I will send upon them,

With deadly viruses and cancers.

International  terrorism will bereave,

And domestic terrorism—

Attacking young men, women,

And the elderly—with violence.

I would have said, ‘I will cut them to pieces,

I will remove the memory of them from the rest of the world,

Had I not feared the provocation of their enemies,

That their adversaries would think they did it,

That they would say, “Our hand is triumphant,

And their Lord has not done all this.”

For My Americans are a nation lacking spiritual enlightenment,

And there is no understanding of truth in them.

Would that they were wise, that they understood this,

That they would foresee their future!

How could one enemy chase a thousand of my people,

And two put ten thousand to flight,

Unless their Rock had released His possession of them,

And the Lord had given them up?

Indeed, the enemy doesn’t know the God America has known.

Even My nation’s enemies themselves know this.

For their hope is in themselves.

Their cultures are not the ways of God.

Their sins will finally destroy them.

They have not enjoyed the blessings of America.

Their lifestyles will eventually destroy them.

They will ultimately fall.

Do I not have the power to foil America’s enemies?

Do I not have the resources?

Vengeance and retribution toward all nations are Mine.

In due time their foot will slip,

For the day of their calamity is near,

And the impending consequences are hastening upon them.

For the Lord will ultimately vindicate His people, America,

And will have compassion on His servants.

When He sees that their strength is gone,

And there is none remaining bond or free,

And I will say, ‘Where are the gods of their enemies?’

The rock in which they sought refuge.

What is the level of their production?

And how weak is their economy?

Let them rise up and help my people.

Let them become America’s ally!

See now that I, I am He,

And there is no god besides Me.

It is I who allows death and gives life.

I have wounded and it is I who heals,

And there is no one who can take from My hand.

Indeed, I lift up My hand to heaven,

And say as I live forever,

‘If I sharpen my weapons,

And My hand takes hold on justice,

I will render vengeance on My adversaries

And I will repay those who hate Me.

I will make my weapons deadly,

And my armaments will destroy life

And will avenge the blood of the slain and the captives,

On the ungodly leaders of my enemies.”

Rejoice, O nations, with America.

For He will avenge the blood of His nation,

And will render vengeance on His adversaries,

And has atoned for His land and His people.

A Parable of Israel and America

Around 1400 BC, God led His chosen people to begin a miraculous nation. Around AD 1600, God led another chosen people to begin a miraculous nation. The first people eventually disobeyed God to their peril. The second people are following the same course.

God’s sovereign plan for the world involved a special people who were led long ago into a land filled with abundant resources. There, He would give them victory over the land’s inhabitants and blessings beyond measure. All they were asked to do was trust Him, live by His laws and precepts, and honor Him as their One God. As long as those conditions prevailed, their nation of Israel would grow and prosper in health, power, and material abundance.

Over the centuries that followed, Israel’s obligations to God’s requirements for success were met with mixed results at best. Soon sinful and corrupt leaders led the people away from godly living. Their culture was perverted by selfish pleasures, and disobedience to the Lord became the norm. They lost their faith and disregarded God’s promises. Restoration to God’s ways and his willingness to forgive were always on the table but were rejected. Enemy nations began to test Israel’s national security and eventually defeated them. Ultimately, they ceased being a nation, and foreigners occupied their former territory for 2,000 years.

God’s sovereign plan for the world involved another special people who were led four centuries ago into a land filled with abundant resources. There, He would give them victory over the land’s inhabitants and blessings beyond measure. All they were asked to do was trust Him, live by His New Covenant of freedom and grace in Christ, and honor Him as their One God. As long as those conditions prevailed, their nation of America would grow and prosper in health, power, and material abundance.

Over the years that followed, America’s obligations to God’s requirements for success were met with mixed results at best. Soon sinful and corrupt leadership led the people away from godly living. Their culture was perverted by selfish pleasures, and disobedience to the Lord became the norm. They lost their faith and disregarded God’s promises. Restoration to God’s ways and his willingness to forgive were always on the table but were rejected. Enemy nations began to test America’s national security.

America is on the precipice of the exact eventuality of Israel. We are poised to be be defeated, lose our sovereignty, and be occupied by our enemies. God has given us the whole Bible, His Holy Word, as a clear account of Israel’s blessings and failures as well as the gospel message for the abundant life avoiding personal and national catastrophe. A window of opportunity of short duration is still available for repentance and restoration. Will we choose the right path or the path of Israel?

(Dis)respect for Marriage Act

Same-sex wedding

The 2015 Supreme Court ruling that same-sex couples have the right to marry was wrong biblically, biologically, and morally. However, the so-called “Respect for Marriage Act” passed by the House last week and currently awaiting Senate vote would codify into federal law the national rejection of the sanctity of marriage between one man and one woman. When Congress passes a law, it is much more than a ruling from nine justices. It is a mandate and statement of position by the entire nation through elected legislators. Let’s consider why this is such a critical Senate vote.

With the rapidly approaching conservative tsunami election that will flood the House and likely the Senate with Republican majorities, the Democrats are unhinged in their desperate attempts to get their dangerous, radical agenda into law before they lose their majority. The reversal of Roe v. Wade has brought on irrational behavior and numerous melt-downs among liberal leaders. They are warning their leftist base that all of their gains in transforming American traditions and values may be reversed by conservatives. They are sounding the alarm that the SCOTUS might reverse the gay marriage ruling as well. Oh that their fears would come true, but it is not likely.

Unfortunately, some Republicans are taking the bait. The House majority vote last week for same-sex marriage included 47 Republicans who turned their backs on the party’s principles and platform. Now, ten Senators would have to shun the same values for the Act to pass with 60 votes. Four Senators, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Rob Portman, and Ron Johnson are already committed to vote for it. Based on recent interviews, three more, Roy Blunt, Joni Ernst, and Thom Tillis are possible “yes” votes. That is getting awfully close to the ten Republican votes needed by the 50 Democrats. Even if you are confident your Senators will oppose the Act, don’t take anything for granted. The pressure is on. In any case, this is not the time for truly conservative Senators to quietly vote “no.” Now is the time for vocal opposition and passionate influence from Republicans in the Upper Chamber.

Passage and presidential signature of this Act would be another giant step away from God’s provision and blessing on America. Man’s artificial laws that pervert His natural laws place all of us at great risk. Please take five minutes to call or email each of your Senators urging them to not only vote “no” on this Act but to also to be loud and clear in their opposition to it.

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