Conservative AMAC vs. Liberal AARP

If you are over 50, particularly if you are a member of AARP, you may want to rethink that organization. AARP was once a respectable voice for the interests of seniors. They worked in Washington, D.C. to advocate the causes of those in retirement or approaching retirement. They also offered many services for this age group. Unfortunately, they have become an arm of the liberal movement in America and have lost touch with their mainstream members. The conservative alternative, AMAC, is a growing competitor and worthy of your consideration.

If you have turned 50, no doubt you have received appeals for you to join the American Association of Retired Persons, or AARP. For many years, they have lobbied Congress on issues related to this 50+ demographic. They offer appealing services and discounts for such things as travel, dining, insurance, health services, etc. I paid their reasonable fee and joined the organization as soon as I crossed that half-century mark. Then, about seven years ago, I began to see some things in their literature and magazine that troubled me. They were leading the charge in promoting Obamacare. The further I looked, more was revealed about their liberal institutional values and principles. They are now trying to save Obamacare and are opposing almost everything President Trump is trying to do. They are leftist leaning in almost every aspect of their operations. Since most of us 50+ folks are conservatives, I have to conclude that AARP is not working for the majority of us.

I began hearing about the Association of Mature American Citizens, AMAC, about five years ago. It was founded eight years ago by a great patriot and Christian business man, Dan Weber, and has rapidly grown to over 1.3 million members. Its values and principles are conservative, and it advances both God and country. AMAC has an active operations office in Washington, D.C. and administrative offices in New York and Florida. Its lobbyists work aggressively on Capitol Hill in the interests of the 50+ population. They are working to repeal and replace Obamacare and to support conservative initiatives in general. They offer essentially the same services and discounts as AARP for about the same low annual fee. For a limited time, you can get your first year membership free by using the promo code “Ben” in your application–a promotion by radio host Ben Ferguson. AMAC’s political action strategy includes a unique grass roots effort. An AMAC Delegate has been appointed for each Congressional district across America. I am the volunteer Delegate for Arkansas’ 4th District. Like other delegates, I am obligated to meet with my Congressman, Bruce Westerman, periodically to discuss issues of importance to seniors and to promote AMAC’s position on those issues. This helps keep our country’s Congressmen focused on their senior constituents.

AARP has been around for many years and has a large membership. Their sheer size gives them a significant advantage in Washington. Therefore, it is important that conservatives shift this lobbying power balance away from AARP and toward AMAC. So, if you are on the back side of 50, I urge you to go to AMAC’s website,, read all about it, and become a member. It’s an outstanding organization working on your behalf. Remember, the first year is free if you go to and use the promo code, “Ben.”

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